Monday, January 16, 2017

Celebrate the Birth of the Savior of Mankind, Martin Luther King Jr., by Listening to Herman Hermits’ Hit Record, “No MLK Today”!



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Herman's Hermits: “No Milk Today” (HD) (HQ Remastered Audio)

In case anyone thinks I'm engaging in hyperbole, In the late Ralph Abernathy's memoir, The Walls Came Tumbling Down, he quoted an aide to King as saying that he considered the man greater than Jesus. and that was while he was alive! Today, I reckon, millions of blacks in America share that idolatrous sentiment


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 1967 for that one.If I know my music history,m a y b e the flip side was "There's a kind of hush".Honestly,a lot of the early HH's stuff was pretty irritating music,but by the end of their careers (67-68),they made some nice pop songs.
Point two:Mason Weaver,a Black Panther from the late 60s/early 70s,appeared on the Tucker Carlson show.Not sure if Tucker is going to make it here.This may not be his vehicle.Some idiosyncrasies need to be worked on--like squinting into the camera while his guests talk from a remote site.It reminds me of Clint Eastwood-who used to do the same look in his spaghetti movies.That glare.That Clint squint.
But I digress.
Weaver tore into John Lewis as a failed congressman,someone who has thrown blacks into abysmal,worsening conditions while he and his black caucus members thrive.My theory is Weaver must be trying to "weave" his way into a more important role in black leadership.He may be 100% correct about Lewis,but his ambitions seem obvious.
And Tucker,if you're going to do the "Clint squint",wear a cowboy hat while you do it--or get some glasses.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

James Bevel, second in command to MLK, convicted of incest and fornication with his daughters. became a Moonie. Of course he was the victim, even while he was sexually victimizing children. Claimed it was the communists who conspired to get him put in prison. Bevel was convicted because of wire tapping. The daughter that he had repeatedly raped since she was six years old helped set up the sting. Not to worry, the other three daughters did not say he penetrated them, only sexually abused them. Wow, father of the year....

I guess they don't want anyone to bring up James Bevel, as he is an embarrassment. JFK asked him to stop using children in the civil rights marches, a request that he ignored and continued fanning the fires of racial hatred in the younger generations.

As Bevel was no hero this brings up questions about all those people who claim to have done so much for the civil rights movement down south. I wonder if they knew how much damage they have done.