Monday, January 23, 2017

Can Both Sides Come Together?

That ship has sailed. These “people” are totalitarian terrorists. For generations, Republicans have submitted to them, in a “go along, to get along” fashion. Some Republicans, like Nixon, talked tough, but did nothing to fight the Left. And the Left (MSM) responded with a criminal conspiracy, forcing President Nixon out of office. (Nixon was actually a liberal, but the Left acted as if he were a Nazi.) The MSM clearly plan to do likewise with President Trump.

Patriots must force the President to fight fire with fire, with prosecutions for sedition and violence, long prison sentences, and by impeaching rogue judges and prosecutors (yes, prosecutors!) who seek to thwart justice.

It’s now or never.


Anonymous said...

Time to rip into Seth Meyers again,the laziest,most boring comic out there.Devotes 70% of his "Day in the News" to Trump.
Not quite up to Colbert's level of 90% though.Don't these guys know there's such a thing as a "3 joke rule"?
Never make 3 jokes in a row about the same subject.If they only did 3 jokes about Trump,they'd have to cut their show by 45 minutes.
I got an idea watching these two lazy fu**ers tonight dish out their tiresome DisTrumpia.
We already have the Oscars...I thought maybe an awards show called the Felixes--for the most irritating pussies(men and women) in various fields.
Least creative,but whiniest monologues:
Nominees:Steven Colbert (Colored broadcasting System)
Seth Meyers(Negro Broadcasting Company)
Ellen Degeneres (syndicated)
Cast your ballots and give your opinion here.
Next category:
Shittiest most biased news anchor:
Lesta Holt (NBC)
Don Lemon(CNN)
Scott Pelley (CBS)
The guy at ABC.

There could be Felix awards awarded to stupidest female celebrity at a Vaginal
America Ferrera
Ashley Judd
All 3 worthy contenders.
The first annual Felix awards,an award a normal person wouldn't want to win,but these maniacs might.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

YEP. Both sides. Lots of Trump supporters doing a lot of bad. All over the place just as predicted. Both sides. Sure.

Anonymous said...

What Network News Has Become
I had this pop into my head about a week ago,forgot about it and then tonights Colored Broadcasting System(CBS)Evening News brought it back into focus.
We watch a mini-trial of Donald Trump every night.NBC and CBS have their own lead prosecutors with Lesta Holt and Scott Pelley,respectively.
Pelley's opening statement was:"The president
continues to spread a falsehood as fact,regarding his refuted claim that 3-5 million illegal votes were counted in the last election."
He then calls his witnesses (reporters)to provide the viewpoint that Trump is wrong.The reporters talk to "experts" who agree with the opening statement.Lindsey Graham:"He has got to stop speaking of this as true,unless he has evidence."
Everyday is another topic (yesterday it was the inauguration crowd size.Trump declared WRONG!!!)
CBS Quote of the day:"The Oscars have announced the nominations--and happily,THIS YEAR they're a lot more like the rest of the population.Much more diverse."
Not happily for me Mr.Pelley.And I resent the propaganda.
Meanwhile,tomorrows court case is in preparation--I'm sure.
---GR Anonymous