Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hell is Living with Black People: Testimonials

By Nicholas Stix

The following brief essays are by readers of responding to a blog item about Trump threatening to send the National Guard into Chicago at Steve Sailer’s blog. On an individual level, whites all over the country are having similar experiences. And “Ed’s” remarks give the macro-level reality.

Racial socialists and black supremacists react to honest depictions of racial reality by lying and intimidating the speakers and writers, silencing them, cheating them on their grades, defaming them as “white supremacists,” expelling them from undergraduate and graduate school programs, putting poison pen notes in their permanent folders, getting them fired from their jobs, and doing everything they can to destroy their lives.

The first writer is a fool. He denies that this is at all about race.

George says:
January 27, 2017 at 2:20 p.m. GMT

“Chicago and Illinois is undergoing a financial crisis, so there may be something going on other than Black people. The pension and benefits crisis in most places in the US is possible evidence the system of policing and everything else is falling apart.”

There is something else going on, but it’s nothing that “George” would admit to, any more than he would admit that it’s blacks’ fault: Hispanics.

Ed says:
January 27, 2017 at 6:03 p.m. GMT

“All of which are in some shape or form linked in large part to black people.

“1. Blacks generally take more from the system than contribute. Their low incomes don’t generate enough taxes. Since their communities are high crime the homes aren’t in demand so little comes in the way from their property taxes.

“2. Their social dysfunction leads to higher policing, schooling & other municipal expenses. A good example of this is to compare the sizes of the police forces in Baltimore to Boston. Boston has fewer officers than Baltimore & cost Boston less.

“3. Their voting styles lead to leaders who are often marginal & corrupt. They tend not to hold politicians accountable if they pander to their sense of victimhood. Often time corrupt black leaders will cry racism after beung charged & the community rallies around them.

Radical Center:
January 27, 2017 at 6:47 p.m. GMT

On balance, and with apologies to the good african-americans who are actually civilized and American, that group has been a massive deadweight loss to Chicago and to our country for the reasons you identify and then some.

Here in downtown LA, there is almost not a single day when I do not have a black person curse, spit, or swing his first [sic] near me while I’m walking around. They seem to have become more aggressive and emboldened since we came to SoCal in the past six years or so. They swear and act menacing and grab their crotch in front of my wife and children.

[I call that the “Obama Effect.” It’s been happening in New York City, as well.]

They constitute a small percentage of our city and county population, way way way smaller proportion than Chicago or cook county, but are responsible for a great share of our quality of life problems, especially constant intimidation and filth.

We are not “PREjudiced” but POSTjudiced, because our generalizations are based on long bitter personal experience, not what we heard or read somewhere. Whether on the shores of Lake Michigan or in the LA Basin, our experience is the same, and we do not have to tolerate being treated this way.


Anonymous said...

I lived,in what was always an all white section of Grand Rapids,until the city effed up.A school was reopened,housing was allowed to go as section 8 rental--and the blacks (and Mex)came in.Slowly at first,but then word spread and after the school opened,so did the floodgates.
I had two filthy black families live immediately next to me that were hopelessly ignorant of the basics of living.Their section 8 didn't include trash disposal.No one,of the several that lived there worked,so no money for $3 a week trash bin pickup.I'd take mine out and never see anything from them.Finally,I called the landlord and upon inspection of the garage,the missing trash of 3 months was found.Estimates of 50-100 bags (in the summer).No grass was cut.They were evicted.
Second family,6 months later--same as the first.It's as if they both read the same book,"The Nig Handbook for Living in(and Destroying) a White Neighborhood".
Mexicans on my other side were as filthy(and criminal) low class tenants as the blacks.I conducted my own private I investigation,found out enough to have THEM evicted.A basement full of trash was found there after their departure.
It's a slap to homeowners for the city and landlords to allow people that don't have jobs,to take over a house via section 8.This should not happen.They don't have the resources to take care of the place properly.
There were fights,drug dealing,prostitution and threats of shootings and murder.
Dumped right into a previously fine area.It was an eye opener and my vision of what should/should not be allowed is in 20/20 focus.
I've seen it and speak from experience.
--GR Anonymous

Douglas said...

And blacks have tried to make it much worse .

Jim-Jim said...

Subsidized dysfunction is the worst kind. A bum 100 years ago at least paid for his own whores and rotgut.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, what I've learned this past few years is very painful for me to admit. Blacks are very different from whites. I did not want to admit this truth. Along came Obama and they became even more destructive, violent and dangerous. They are the perpetrators but claim to be the victims.

Where can I move to where whites will be in the majority? That is my dream. All I want to do is get away from the ghetto blacks.

Anonymous said...

Small towns and the country,places that don't have government offices for welfare and free medical services that the blacks thrive on.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I think it is without [??] question that the colored became more aggressive and emboldened by having Obama in the White House. From their perspective a sure sign that whitey was losing control. The tail was becoming the head.

Unknown said...

"Blacks are very different from whites"

Having been born and raised in the South, I was taught this from childhood. I laugh at liberals who insist otherwise. However, I'm empathetic to those who've had to learn the hard way, through bitter experience, what was handed down to me by simple teaching. Observation and limited experience taught me that my parents and other adults, were right. It's hard for me to comprehend being raised in an environment where one is not warned about Blacks.