Tuesday, January 24, 2017

See This Video of Almost Completely White, Anti-Trump Feminists Chanting “Allahu Akbar” During a Protest in Germany

Why would German feminists care about Donald Trump, why would they protest in Germany with English-language posters, and why would they submit to sharia?

For the same reason that German leftists have for years supported the inundation of Germany with Moslems. They are completely opposed to all the principles to which they pay lip service: Equality, tolerance, diversity and, above all, the rights of women.

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Anonymous said...

President Trump is signing some great executive orders,the latest being the reduction/stoppage of immigrants from various Mideast countries (Iraq,Iran,Libya etc).
Funds for more border control,the threat of sending the National Guard into a REAL war zone--Chicago's southside (plus other areas).Sanctuary city funds were cut.
Pipeline implementation also today.That breeze blowing at a hearty speed is Trump moving like a nor'easter,getting things done.
So far so good.
--GR Anonymous