Friday, January 20, 2017

Freddie Gray Case: Judge Allows Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit Against Marilyn Mosby to Proceed

By Mitchell Day

Freddie Gray Case Trials

In the West Baltimore neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested, Leanda High saw progress against police abuse and harassment in a federal order calling for ...

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Anonymous said...

Can they find 12 white jurors(to ensure a proper verdict)in Baltimore?That would be a miracle wouldn't it?But what we're likely to see on this case (and any potential Lewis case)is OJ justice redux.Cram the jury full of blacks and acquit.
OR if Mosby thinks she can pull some strings--just go for a black judges decision and skip the jury.Lewis would want a black jury,no doubt.
The new black legal system--where 300+ drug dealers are pardoned by a black president as he slides out of office.Black Attorney General Lynch doing last minute maneuvers to hogtie the Chicago and Baltimore police departments from enforcing the law against blacks.
And that's just in the last month.
How this proceeds will be damn interesting.
--GR Anonymous