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Totalitarian, Swedish Propaganda Commercial to Swedes: You Must Accept, Greet, and Celebrate the Ongoing Genocide! (One-Minute Video and Commentary)

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Notice how the Swedish women nod approvingly at the news that their land is being killed off. But the non-white invaders do not nod and smile.

These are tactics of the genocidal, racist Left that cross national boundaries. Non-whites must scowl, or have neutral expressions; whites must be friendly and submissive.

The nodding is part of bad propaganda. TV producer-writer David E. Kelley is obsessed with writing speeches, but has no talent for it. So, he has sympathetic characters deliver stupid speeches, and has members of the on-screen audience nod like retards, under the assumption that if the viewing audience sees them nod, viewers will then dumbly embrace whatever the speaker said. Monkey see, monkey do.

And if monkey don’t do, monkey go to jail!

Sweden is Dying: TV Ad Declares, “The New Country” Ethnic Swedes Will be Replaced


Published on Sep 20, 2016 by Yankee Renaissance.
September 19, 1016 - “There’s No Turning Back!” New Swedish TV Ad Says Swedes Must Accept Multiculturalism. Swedes are told they need to give up their identity, their country, their culture, and their race, and they must integrate with migrants because “being Swedish needs to be about more than skin color and place of birth.” In this advert from the Swedish charity organization “IM (Individuell Människohjälp),” Swedes are called on to create “Det Nya Landet,” or “The New Country,” and are warned this change is already a fait accompli (an accomplished fact), and "There is no way back. Sweden will never be what it once was." It, along with the rest of Europe, will be forever transformed by unrestricted mass immigration from third world countries.

The ad says the onus is not just on “new Swedes who need to integrate,” but “everyone needs to be integrated, established Swedes too,” meaning older people.

The big finale is to present a Somali Muslim woman in full hijab as the embodiment of “The New Country,” or the new Sweden.

So much for Swedish blondes.

Here’s the English text from their website:

There is no turning back. Sweden will never be what it was before. It is an understanding of what the world actually looks like [but Sweden isn’t the world, it’s one country!]– that Sweden is needed as a safe place for people who need refuge. Some yearn back to how it used to be. It’s okay to miss the past and it’s okay to talk about it – but we have to seek ways forward, and find a way for everyone to live together. Because now we have a Europe and a Sweden that is what it is: in a state of change. [Only because you and your racist allies have forced such change on Swedes, and terrorized all critics.] It’s time to realise that new Swedes will take up room with cultures, languages and customs, and it’s time we see this as a positive force. [Yes, embrace the new hordes of black rapists, and their ugly women!] The new country is about shaping a new future. Being Swedish needs to be about more than skin color and place of birth. [But the invaders consider being Somalian, etc., to be solely about skin color and place of birth.] It needs to be you, me and everyone together. It’s not just new Swedes who need to integrate. [They are not Swedes. They don’t think of themselves as Swedes.] Everyone needs to be integrated, established Swedes too. [Integration is an impossibility.] Integration does not mean that one party should adapt to the other, or that everyone should think, do and feel the same. Integration is about meetings, and real meetings are built on reciprocity. [Yes. The reciprocity of the black rapist and his white victim.] Let us create a future based on both realism and vision, in equal measure. Let’s formulate a greater sense of “we” and let’s build a country where we put hatred and fears aside. [Impossible. The invaders are all about hatred. To not fear them, is to be insane.] We all have the new country within us; in our views, thoughts and actions. The time has come to build a country that is proud, inclusive and sustainable – something new. The new country.

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Anonymous said...

Yes,the left has decided that there will be no more war BETWEEN countries,but war WITHIN countries.It's much easier to cover up the rape,murder and associated crime and economic paralysis this way.There's no need for Germany to invade France or England or Sweden,because they are becoming all the same--Muslim!
The invasion has occurred already-under dead of night and with full backing of the leaders of Europe.The people of Britain woke up with Brexit.Now this year,France will have its say.Does it want to become Le Allahland?Or try to take back its heritage before (arguably)it's too late?
---GR Anonymous