Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goodbye, America's Sweetheart: Mary Tyler Moore Dead at 80



Anonymous said...

Not too many of the great ones left.Who do we have now to replace them?
Let's see and compare,to see how far we've fallen in talent since the 60s and 70s.
THEN:Mary Tyler Moore(Dick VanDyke show)
NOW:Tracey Ellis Ross (blackish)
THEN:Mary Tyler Moore(MTM show)
NOW:Zooey Deschenel (New Girl)Right,I know...who?
THEN:Johnny Carson
NOW:Jimmy Fallon,Colbert,Meyers(add them all up and you don't get one Carson)
THEN:Walter Cronkite,David Brinkley
NOW:Lesta Holt,Scott Pelley
THEN:Gay actors Rock Hudson,Jim Nabors,Paul Lynde
NOW:Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory).
Okay,this is about a tie.Who cares?
THEN:Rodney Dangerfield,Bob Hope,Jack Benny,George Burns,Rickles (in his prime)Seinfeld.
NOW:Kevin Hart (nope),Larry the Cable Guy (nope).Can't name any others.
THEN:SNL cast of Belushi,Chase,Ackroyd,Murray,Curtin,Radner.
NOW:Kate McKinnon only.
THEN:Nicholson,Pacino,Deniro,Hackman,Newman,Redford,Cruise (in his prime)
NOW:Dwayne Johnson (lol),Robert Downey (?),Channing Tatum (?)Chris Pratt,DiCaprio (whatever).
THEN:Diane Keaton,Katherine Ross (my favorite),Faye Dunaway,Sissy Spacek,Sally Field.
NOW:Jennifer Lawrence (not bad),Scarlett Johansson(iffy),Amy Adams,Jessica Chastain,Sandra Bullock.
NOW:Trump. (Well,one category looks good anyways.)
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

I watched Mary Tyler Moore on the Dick Van Dyke show when JFK was president. I read somewhere that her hairstyle and clothing was modeled on the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.