Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Racist, CNN Lefty Talking Head: “Trump doesn’t have much impulse control”

By Nicholas Stix

These characters (with the surprising exception of David Gergen) support every racist outrage by John Lewis, Obama, Khizr Khan, et al., but Donald Trump lacks impulse control?!

(I heard the man speaker from the other room, and can’t identify him.)


Anonymous said...

He doesn't have this. He doesn't have that.He doesn't have this. He doesn't have that.He doesn't have this. He doesn't have that.He doesn't have this. He doesn't have that.

they have been saying that ever since the man began to run for office. And yet the man won. Had everything thrown at him including the proverbial kitchen sink and had it done so over and over. And yet the man won.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick summary of a story I read:
Summer Zervos,one of the women Gloria Allred trotted out in an attempt to derail Donald Trump from the presidency,is suing Trump for defamation.Allred's purpose is to get Trump into court,catch him in perjury and have an impeachment process started.The lefts first salvo.She says she'll settle out of court if Trump admits he lied about never meeting her.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

YEP! Trip up Don with this. Trip Don up with that. Even if all them machinations do not work, it will occupy so much of his time he cannot focus on the Presidency. "Why can't we all just get along?" - - R. G. King.

Gloria [neurotic feminist] tried to do this to Rush also.

Anonymous said...

Is Obama Crazy?(or just delusional)
Judging from his press conference finale today,a little of both.He's had an easy presidency,historically speaking.No widescale wars,No Cuban missile crisis,No 9/11,No economic disasters.
On the other hand,plenty of police and racial problems,neighborhood and big city deterioration,riots,terrorist mini attacks and deficit/welfare explosions.
I don't consider Obama successful because he avoided having negative events,of a large scale,occur on his watch.That's pure luck.However he can be blamed for preventable occurrences that he failed to grasp AS a problem.
Failing to back police against BLM was a major error in judgement and led to a disregard by blacks of obeying police and the law.(Now,blacks are saying Trump needs to be a president for ALL the people,when Obama was anything BUT).
In his press conference he ignored all that and concluded that he improved race relations,equality for LGBT and other nonsensical minutiae.
And just to show he was COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL,he wrapped up the presser by asking the press "to show (Trump)the same tough standards and ask the same tough questions you asked me.That's the role of the press.To keep an eye on institutions like the government,so that
what goes on in government,doesn't get out of control."
Except the press never held him accountable,never investigated anything to any great extent (IRS,Clinton emails,Obama's real reasons for bringing Muslims into the US,his anti-police stance).
Whatever he did was fine with them.It was the Era of the Laisse Faire Press.
Now on to Trump.
--GR Anonymous