Friday, January 20, 2017

Juan Williams: Obama is Still in Charge, and Has a Veto Right Over President Trump

By Nicholas Stix

At Fox News today, after the inauguration, Juan Williams announced that Barack “Obama” is still the head of the DPUSA (he isn’t), and warned the President against doing anything “prematurely,” regarding Obamacare, i.e., Trump had better not do what he was elected to do, because “Obama” will call him out on it, and incite demonstrations against him.

Barack “Obama” is no longer in charge of anything, he has no veto right over President Trump, and many of the things that “Obama” did, and which Williams seeks to protect, were criminal, to begin with.

Juan Williams was displaying a problem common to blacks and Moslems alike. Both groups believe that once they have “conquered” terrain, it is theirs forever.

In New York City, once racist, black Benjamin Ward was appointed police commissioner by Mayor Ed Koch, many blacks assumed that the PC job was theirs in perpetuity, and reacted with outrage when a new, white PC was appointed. Likewise, when Rudy Giuliani beat the first black mayor, socialist David Dinkins in a rematch in 1993, blacks refused to recognize Giuliani, whom they referred to derisively as “Rudy,” and sought to undo the election.

And of course, regarding the election, most blacks decided that no white man ever had the right to be president again.

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Anonymous said...

MORE MEDIA INSANITY (post inauguration).FOX NEWS:
Immediately following President Donald Trump's inaugural address, MSNBC and ABC pundits and hosts slammed the newly-sworn in President's speech for its "militant" and "dark" anti-Semitic overtones.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow emotionally proclaimed Trump's "America's First" slogan has "very dark echoes in American history."

"There was an America First Committee that formed in this country, hundreds of thousands of people in this country, some of the richest businessmen in the country who were part of it, they were formed to keep us out of World War II. They were infiltrated by the Nazis, many of them are anti-Semitic, part of why they weren't alarmed by Hitler's rise in Germany," Maddow said.
GRA:Uhhhh,yeah right.
--GR Anonymous