Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When You Go Black, You Don’t Go Back—at Least Not in One Piece

By A.L.

At Ambrose Kane.


Anonymous said...

NEW YORK — WorldStarHipHop founder Lee O’Denat died in his sleep Monday night.
“With profound sadness, WorldStarHipHop and its employees, state that Lee ODenat, known as “Q”, the founder, leader and genius behind the website and brand has passed in San Diego,” a statement from WorldStarHipHop said Tuesday.
O’Denat, 43, also known as “Q,” had a heart attack, sources say.
The Queens native founded the popular hip-hop website in 2005 for rappers to share their mix tapes. Over time, the website changed course, featuring outrageous clips, viral sensations and fight videos.

This is from WPIX Channel 11. I am not sad that this man is dead. He paid people to stalk white women alone on the subway, initiate altercations, then film them defending themselves either verbally or physically. ROT IN HELL.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing I've noticed is black women kill (by shooting usually) their black bfs,but black guys kill their white gfs.It does not happen the other way around in either scenario.I've seen the news stories around here for years.Quite amazing how the final outcome occurs the same way all the time.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

GRA: Note the common denominator--blacks killing.

Anonymous said...

The woman was not only mutilated but is now blind. Her life is ruined. Well, I guess with the colored guy is was good while it lasted.