Monday, January 16, 2017

The Leftwing Mind, on MLK Day


Anonymous said...

I officially OD'ed on MLK today at 12:59am.With nothing on late night talk shows (as usual),I switched to "Nightline" to view a continuation of the completely reverential treatment of King,that was everywhere today.Why King has been elevated to this status is beyond me.Granted,I'm not black,but neither are 84% of America.Yet,the smothering coverage was exceptionally extreme.Don't worry--Black History Month is in 15 days--a chance for more saturated black insignifica.
A segment on "Nightline"examined Coretta Scott King's audio recordings,with the King daughter commenting as excerpts were played.
The fascinating snippet was Mrs.King denying that her husband ever cheated on her.
"I'd have known it if he was.He was the most moral man in the world."
Which made my mind flash to another wife of a black legend--Camilla Cosby--who defended her husband Bill long and loud when rape charges came out over the years.Very similar to Hillary Clinton as well.
What else would they be expected to do but lie?It would make them look like fools to admit the truth--which was:They looked the other way in order to save face(and keep the lifestyle).
And hide the truth about their husbands--a death blow for their legacies if exposed.
Hopefully,better viewing on the tube tomorrow.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The FBI file of KKKing is sealed for some seventy-five years or so. I wonder if a transcript or a recording exists and is included from the famous confrontation between Hoover and KKKing?

I am sure it would be interesting to read or listen to, if such exists.