Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Our Children are Watching": The Sharia/Feminazi March (Video)

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Anonymous said...

Well done.But just think about the kind of kids these lunatics are raising.Those kids are trapped in a house with brain damaged celebs.They can only turn out as insufferably demented as the parent.
Think of the kids that adopting agencies let Rosie O'Donnell acquire.
A few kids may see the parent for what he/she is and go the opposite direction,but the odds favor imitation over rebellion.
So a great use,of what I thought was a commercial that WAS powerful.In fact when I saw it during late October(for the hundreth time on some days)I thought Trump was done.It would be like Goldwater and the A-bomb in 64 (I was barely around then).
But I was shown that white America still had what it took to attempt to save the country.It only gets tougher from here.
--GR Anonymous