Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Voter Fraud and the Fourth World: Do Mexicans, Indians, and Trinidadians All Suffer from Delusions and Conspiracy Theories? (Photoessay)



By Nicholas Stix

In the Third World, people understand the obvious, i.e., if you do not have voter ID, you will have voter fraud. Indeed, they understand that voter ID is not sufficient protection against voter fraud, but it is necessary.

In Trinidad and many other countries, in addition to having to show picture ID before one can vote, voting officials ink one’s finger or hand such that, even if one washes it, it will show for the rest of the day that one has voted. Thus, one will not be able to go to other polling places and commit voter fraud. But in America, Democrats always scream “racism” and “voter suppression,” and even have rogue judges to back them up, in order to thwart the most basic voting security.

The answer, as my VDARE Editor-Publisher Peter Brimelow has often argued, is to impeach such judges.

No eligible voters, as in zero, are prevented from voting by requirements for picture ID. Every single eligible voter in America already has photo ID. They have such forms of ID--especially the people whom racial supremacists call "the most vulnerable among us"--for welfare programs, unemployment, cashing checks, buying cigarettes and alcohol, driving, etc.

Note that Michelle “Obama,” who had decried calls for laws requiring photo ID, in order to vote, required photo ID to attend her book signing. Neither Mrs. “Obama,” nor her fellow racial supremacists got the joke.

That America is more backward than much of the Third World in matters of election security, and much else, is why I have coined a new phrase: The Fourth World.

Since the 1970s, the “First World” has referred to wealthy, white, Western nations; the “Second World” has referred to totalitarian, Communist dictatorships of all races; and the “Third World” has referred to impoverished, non-white countries. However, that rubric no longer does justice to countries like America, which have deliberately been inundated by their ruling elites with low-IQ, high crime, non-whites, who hate the nations to which they have immigrated, and who have destroyed those countries.

Thus, I suggest the “Fourth World.” Fourth World countries which were built on foundations of whiteness, Christianity, self-reliance, the rule of law and cultural cohesion, but which have been invaded by foreign peoples who, with the connivance of powerful elites, have deliberately destroyed those characteristics. Thus, Fourth World countries have the worst of all worlds—all the negatives of the First, Second, and Third worlds, but none of their virtues.

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Anonymous said...

This last election when voting in Illinois they required no form of ID, even not a signature or anything. Whoever showed up got to vote. Period.