Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fanfare for America: Donald Trump and Aaron Copland and (Music and Documentary Videos)

By Nicholas Stix

“Fanfare for the Common Man” is a short piece composed by America’s greatest orchestral composer, Aaron Copland, to rouse patriotic sentiment during The War.

Fanfare for the Common Man, New York Philharmonic, James Levine


The secret to Donald Trump’s success in winning the White House was in playing chords of mystic memory. Note that when his plane touches down at the beginning of the following short documentary video, the orchestra playing for the expectant voters performs a tune inspired by “Fanfare.” And one of Trump's tag lines, with "Make America Great Again" and "Build the Wall," is "I'm with You."

(Given that it is by PBS, the short video below is surprisingly fair-minded. I just missed the full-length doc tonight, Trump’s Road to the White House, that it is excerpted from, so I can’t yet say how good it is. I’m now watching it, and will post it, as soon as I’m done.)

Those memories are of a righteous nation, the greatest nation-state that ever was, on the face of the earth. The racial socialist MSM, and their allies in the schools, the antiversity, and the courts, have worked for generations to replace that memory with a fake memory of America, America as the scourge of nations, and a racist, rogue state in the present. Their motto is, in all but words, “We have to destroy America, in order to save it.”


How Trump's Rallies Helped Fuel His Rise | Trump's Road to the White House | [PBS] FRONTLINE

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Anonymous said...

The various groups want to destroy American, but not necessarily save it. They just want it gone.