Monday, January 02, 2017

Leftists: We are so Smart, and Trump and His Followers are so Stupid! An Exchange, of Sorts, with a Trump Voter

By Nicholas Stix


Your life revolves around expressing your hatred for normal, patriotic, law-abiding, white Americans (NPLWA), and seeking to destroy them.

They know this, but since Ronald Reagan left office, they had no champion. Bush I & II fooled them. McCain and Romney didn’t even try to fool them, and as a result, millions of white voters stayed home, or undervoted (as I did in 2008). The GOP’s response? Giving its own base the finger, in its post-2012 “autopsy,” in which its propagandists insisted that the party must chase after the Hispanic voters who hate it, instead of its white base, which it ignored.

For over thirty years, the racist Left and the Republican “Right” have joined forces to destroy the lives of hardworking, relatively high IQ NPLWA, through:

• Hiring incompetent, unfit members of unconstitutionally protected classes, via affirmative action;
• Flooding the country with illegal aliens and legal immigrants, who variously drive down the wages of Americans who still have jobs and displace millions of American workers altogether, while costing trillions of dollars in unemployment and welfare programs (for the illegals, legal aliens, and Americans) and fraud (e.g., EITC);
• Flooding the market with inferior foreign tech workers on non-immigrant visas;
• Flooding the media, the schools, and the universities with hateful, anti-NPLWA fake news, fake studies, and hoaxes; and
• Supporting non-white criminals.

Like hundreds of millions of people, Trump saw that what was being was wrong, but unlike everyone else, decided to do something about it. As a successful, highly intelligent businessman, who was not beholden to racial socialism, he saw that there was an untapped, political “market” waiting to be tapped. And tap it, he did.

The MSM continuously mocked and smeared Trump, delusionally thinking to themselves, “This is it. This is going to turn all of his supporters against him!” And sometimes his poll numbers did take a beating, but I believe that that was because of Republican Never-Trumpers’ refusal to defend their party’s candidate, and frequent joining in on the stomping. When a man looks isolated, he looks like a loser. But then patriots remembered hat Trump was their sole champion.

The MSM (racial socialist and Republican) carried water for Hillary Clinton, and refused to report many stories that would have hurt her—her countless lies, her deteriorating health, the blockbuster National Enquirer exposé, etc., while reporting every possible negative story, or story they could somehow spin against Trump.

Trump supporters responded by voting against the MSM, against the business interests that had been screwing them for years, against the elites. They voted against you.

So, how are Trump and his followers the stupid ones? I know: Democrats are always smarter than Republicans. It’s writ in stone.

Well, all I can say is, keep on being so smart. Unless you assassinate him, which you’ve done before, you’ll guarantee the “idiot” eight years in office.


Anonymous said...

Riotous behavior on a public transportation vehicle [commercial airliner]. Place the names of those riotous persons on the don't fly registry and make sure for LIFE!

Anonymous said...

The champion indeed. A vacuum exited and nature abhors a vacuum. So the vacuum was filled. NO big deal. To be expected. Consider that in early 2015 the name Trump was not even mentioned in the wannabee Republican nominees for President.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I have nothing against a cartoon that's open for interpretation, obviously you can assign names, identities and motivations to the characters based on whatever political spectrum you lean to. I'd like to think that's the point of the strip: We see what we want to see. I'm kind of doubtful about that though, more likely he was aiming for some Gary Larsonlike ambiguity, though unlike Gary Larson, he wasn't funny along with being cryptic.