Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Michael Slager Plea Deal: Google is Passionately Promoting Fake News, While Censoring and Shadow Banning the Real McCoy!

By Nicholas Stix

Twenty-five hours ago, my VDARE report on the Michael Slager case, which just ended with a plea bargain, was published:

“Have Michael Slager and Conservative Treehouse Been Vindicated?”

Three hours ago, The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse gave its analysis of the plea bargain, quoting from my report at length, and linking to it.

Tonight, I had my Chief of Research check Google and Google News under “Michael Slager.” Since Google is a big practitioner of shadow banning, checking on my pc would be a waste of time. Anything I promote shows up on Page 1—but only on my machine.

My CoR went back three pages on Google and Google News, but found nothing but Fake News. Nothing from VDARE, my blog, or The Last Refuge.

Here’s the sort of thing it promoted, at the next-to-last entry, on page 1.

The Acquittals of Officers Michael Slager and Ray Tensing - The Atlantic

In two high-profile trials—those of Officers Michael Slager and Ray Tensing—juries declined to hold cops accountable for taking the lives of ...
That was a despicable, pc offering by alleged conservative Conor Friedersdorf, just short of five months ago, at The Atlantic.

The title itself is ridiculous, considering that neither Michael Slager nor Ray Tensing was acquitted.

And this is the sort of thing Google promotes as “news.”

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