Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Lion on Trump and Comey

By Nicholas Stix

“Liberals on the internet believe that the reason for the firing is because Comey was getting too close to discovering the Truth of the Russia Conspiracy.”

At Lion of the Blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Clips played on FOX news,of the other networks(CNN,MSNBC) reaction to the Comey news is as follows:
"We must have a special prosecutor."(Drool,slobber)
"Impeachment,impeachment and more impeachment."(Sounding like Daffy Duck--more drool and spittle flying).
"Can we impeach Ivanka too?"(My joke)
But,at last count,Republicans are a majority party in both the House and Senate.
End Impeachment talk(until 2019)
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

A few minutes ago, I read an interesting link via the The Drudge Report about ten major FBI scandals that happened on Comey's watch. They range from not dealing with Islamic terrorists (like Major Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer, and others) to Hillary's email scandal.