Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Fan Gets Shot While Sitting in Ballpark, Watching Big League Game—but that’s Not the Half of It

By Nicholas Stix

The gunfire was no in the ballpark, but 1100 yards away.

The other side of the story is that in St. Louis and other diverse cities, most of the constant gunfire is never reported, which is one of the ways people left and right, were able to get away with claiming that crime was going down for over 20 years. And some still are!

At Countenance, natch.

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the most accurate statements you could say.Most crime is ignored in racially "diverse"areas,or as I like to call them,"saturated" neighborhoods.Saturated with black/Mex ex-cons,future cons and present day cons.
The shootout with police I mentioned earlier,was looked into on WOODTV.They sent out their two low seniority white reporters to the ghetto street of Dickinson.How do you know who has the lowest seniority at a TV station?Just explained it...the people who get sent to a 99.9% black populated street after a violent crime.You also know "someone" is being punished for an unknown infraction when you see a whitey reporter-after dark-at 11pm for example,at a jungle ghetto crime scene,doing a live report.Whatever infraction the reporter might have committed,is not worth a possible death sentence.I wouldn't go.
Today,one of the reporters asked an older black lady for some info.She said,"Ohhh there were gunshots here earlier this week,don't know if this all went together."
Expert opinion from a black
At the Lincoln street shooting (still unsolved),the neighbor said,"There are gunshots all the time."
Isn't shooting a firearm in the city, illegal?Cops and media never talk about it.
So truer words were never spoken,NS
--GR Anonymous