Monday, April 07, 2014

Is George Will a Closet Case?



By Nicholas Stix

Closet Democrat, that is. Or just senile? The Pulitzer Prize winner is counseling GOP voters to back reconquista Republican Jeb Bush as their next losing presidential candidate, assuming there is an election in 2016—which is assuming a lot.

Whom was Will addressing? How many actual Republican voters listen to him anymore? Every time he offers such poisonous counsel, he loses more credibility among the Party base.

Why did I mention that Will is a PP winner? It goes to character, or lack thereof. Over the past generation or so, the Pulitzer Prize has increasingly become a booby prize, something like the Nobel Prizes for peace and literature.

Feminist Anna Quindlen, who bragged that she was an affirmative action hire at the New York Times, won one, as did Maureen Dowd. Racist blacks Colbert I. King, Eugene Robinson, Cynthia Tucker and Leonard Pitts Jr. have all won PPs. The insufferably boring David Broder, now residing in a special circle of hell, won one. The New Orleans Times-Picayune was given not one but two, for its 2005 Katrina Hoax. And New York Times’ access journalist, Thomas Friedman, has been awarded not one, not two, but three PPs.

“George Will’s Sabermetrics” (Countenance).

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Anonymous said...

I use "gun control" as the litmus test as to whether a news media commentator is merely a RINO cosmopolitan or a Real American.

Will has proven beyond a doubt to be the House N***** of the Eastern Establishment.