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Another Heroic Employee Falls Victim to a Kowardly Korporation: Kroger’s Fires Manager for Risking His Life, Taking on, Disarming, and Slamming to the Ground Knife-Wielding Robber


Newest mug shot of career criminal Claude Medlock, 51. Kroger execs are apparently peeing their pants with fear that the NAACP, Nation of Islam, or Al Sharpton will target them as "racists."

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The assistant manager deserved a medal and a raise. As my mom always says, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

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The 'Political Correct' agenda, which I like to call, 'The Pussification of America". The abuse of power in positions of authority want to make their point clear. You will lose your job if you do the right, sensible, thing. You will lose your freedom is you 'say' the wrong things. The world is watching our American leaders make a mockery of everything we hold sacred. We are just a joke that seems to never end. Running rampant corruption, nepotism, and greed in biblical proportions. We the People can't be fixed by Them the Government, no matter how they spin or spit shine their modus operandi.

Kroger manager fired after he slams a knife-wielding shoplifter to the ground

By Will Lerner
April 18, 2014 1:58 P.M.
Yahoo News

If you’re an employee of a chain store and you see a shoplifter, don’t confront them. It’s been proven again and again and again and again that no matter how noble your intentions are, you can be fired from your job. As KDFW FOX 4 News reports, this is exactly what happened to one Kroger grocery store manager in Arlington, Texas.

The manager is seen here, after having slammed the suspected shoplifter to the ground. (KDFW)

A customer in the parking lot of the Kroger recorded the incident on their cellphone. In the video, you can see the unnamed manager approach the shoplifting suspect. The suspect appears to have a knife in his hand. The manager shoves him into a parked car and gets the knife out the suspect’s hand before eventually slamming him down to the ground.

Claude Medlock (KDFW)

The alleged shoplifter is 51-year-old Claude Medlock. According to KDFW, Arlington Police say that Mr. Medlock has a, “lengthy criminal history that includes theft and robbery convictions.” They didn’t consider the manager’s actions a crime, but that didn’t matter to Kroger. Kroger sent a statement to KDFW, which read in part:

“The incident…is not a reflection of our company’s fraud prevention protocol, procedures or training…He is no longer employed by our company.”

The manager told the station that he had worked in loss prevention for 13 years, and “believed he handled the situation properly.”

Kroger manager loses job after confronting shoplifter
Posted: Apr 17, 2014 7:11 PM EST Updated: Apr 17, 2014 7:11 P.M. EST
By: Dionne Anglin
Adapted for Web by: Mark Norris
KDFW/Fox Dallas Fort Worth

A Kroger store manager lost his job after he confronted a shoplifting suspect who was holding a knife.

Cell phone video shot by a shopper shows the manager taking on the suspect in the parking lot of a Kroger store in Arlington. The manager eventually takes the knife from the man and throws the suspect to the ground.

Kroger said in a statement to FOX4 the manager's actions were "not a reflection of our company's fraud prevention protocol, procedures or training."

Arlington police said the shoplifter, Claude Medlock, 51, had a lengthy criminal history that includes theft and robbery convictions. Police told FOX4 they didn't consider the manger's actions criminal.

The store manager had worked in loss prevention for 13 years and believed he handled the situation properly.

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Anonymous said...

In defense of Kroger's or any other store with a policy of not confronting shoplifters, in our lawsuit happy society, if they were, in any way, seen to be encouraging physical confrontations between criminals and regular workers (untrained in handling those situations) they could be liable in lawsuits if someone is injured. The costs could exceed the losses due to shoplifting and robbery if they were to happen regularly. In that sense you can't really blame them though you can't help but wish they would stand by principles that seem to be lost in modern society. Jerry