Monday, April 21, 2014

Michael Bloomberg: Gun Rights for Me, but Not for Thee


Bloomberg toying with the Constitution

By Nicholas Stix

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg exercises the right to keep and bear arms every single day that he spends in America. The fact that the guns are carried by his taxpayer-paid gunsels, rather than himself means little.

I recall an incident about a year ago, possibly the Moslem Boston Marathon Bombing. Bloomberg spoke on TV surrounded by no fewer than four strapped bodyguards.

Michael Bloomberg: Be aware of his evil
3 hours ago
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Citizens need to be aware of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to destroy the republic.

Bloomberg is infusing as much as $50 million of his own money to disarm America. He claims it is to reduce the influence of the National Rifle Association.
The NRA is comprised of millions and millions of honest Americans who make small donations, to protect their freedoms against those who do not believe in the Bill of Rights. One man cannot have more say than millions of people, just because he is rich.

It is time for all citizens to be aware of the evil in New York. And denounce it.

Charles Miller, Hamilton


LBD said...

The word "gunsel" is Yiddish, and it means a homosexual who is passive (pillow biter rather than shirt lifter). It does not mean gangster or gunman.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Hypocrisy is a word not in the liberal vernacular.

In the mind of liberals, the immature and the insane, be they shepherd liberal or flock liberal, it is bad when you do it to them, but good when they do it to you.

LBD, am I correct in assuming then that the gunsel is the one playing the woman's role? If so what do they call the other one?

Just a curiosity I guess, never heard the term gunsel before.

Gun as in Gunther? Sel as in Hansel?

From the Sanctuary, and moving on from here, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Since the anti-gunners have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in NY and CT, and are about to commence sending armed government agents equipped with Colt M4s and Glocks "under Color of Law" to the homes of US citizens lawfully exercising their Second Amendment rights in violation of illegal gun control statues, then it's time for citizens to change the very LANGUAGE of which we engage the Bloombergs, et al.

A government sending armed people to arrest and kill you if you resist is NOT your political opponent.

They should be spoken of as "THE ENEMY."

Everyone that issues the command from elected official to the SWAT thug in his SS uniform has defined themselves as "THE ENEMY."

For now, and the future, remember:


React accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've seen the "Bloomberg Specials" -- highly colored guns -- from Lauer Custom Weaponry. You'll want to check them out. (Not a paid ad)

Anonymous said...

Of course bloomberg wants to share the "russian" experience with America. (Both his parents are of russian descent....) Please somebody put M.B. out of his misery before he forces his will upon the innocent...