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Nicholas Stix

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Nicholas Stix is blogger who peddles a particularly fetid brand of racist and white-supremacist filth from a hate-lair in the rainbow city of New York.

The Stix-shtick consists of cherry-picking crime-stats in such a way as to pretend crimes committed by all groups are in fact predominantly committed by people of color, notably African-Americans, against whom Stix has a particularly vicious animus.

The main outlet for Stix's semantic spewage seems to be the "immigration restrictionist" hate-site VDare (named, in an irony lost on racist numbskulls like Stix, after Virginia Dare, a white immigrant to the North American continent in early white-colonialist days). At VDare, Stix's long-winded and self-congratulatory mind-farts appear alongside of knuckle-dragging rants by such shining examples of Aryan supremacy as neo-nazi theoretician Kevin MacDonald, pseudo-scientist/pseudo-statistician Steve Sailer and notorious anti-black racist John Derbyshire, a smug mathematician who (in another irony lost on these racist numbskulls) demands that access to the American Dream be blocked for people of color while himself being an immigrant from Britain.

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• Nicholas Stix Uncensored -- Stix's personal hate-blog
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Anonymous said...

"Stix Schtick". Nicholas will instantly recognize the type of person that wrote this diatribe.

Anonymous said...

"pretend crimes committed by all groups are in fact predominantly committed by people of color,"

The ONLY people to ever assault me in Chicago are BLACKS, and I ain't even WHITE. From childhood, to adulthood, the ONLY people to ever attack and/or rob me are BLACK.

Pull your head out of your ass.

"Stix has a particularly vicious animus."

He is not the only one. Richard Davis, inventor of Second Chance body armor, also had an "animus" with Black People after his experience as a pizza delivery man.