Friday, April 11, 2014

Question Diversity: “Libertarian is Code for Anti-White”



By Nicholas Stix

“Question Diversity” is the pseudonym of the Countenance Blogmeister, whose home is in St. Louis County, Missouri (hence “Countenance” ). Here, he is participating in a virtual roundtable on white nationalism at American Renaissance:

“How Bad Is White Nationalism?”

scottthestrategerist Puggg • 3 months ago

Ron Paul is a soft sell of the anti-bank movement which traces its origins to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. What Ron Paul has learnt is that this issue appeals to minorities, that if he talked about race he could never talk about anything else and so he has focused on an anti-Fed lite message. Rand Paul is a lite version of his father. But they're on board with us. Even if they're not, if they were to abolish the fractional reserve system, impose upon the banks a 1005 reserve ratio, abolish the Federal Reserve, and get us out of military interventionism in the Third World, I imagine you would be happy? I know I'd be!

Question Diversity to scottthestrategerist • 3 months ago

On the flip side, open borders.

Which would make all of that good stuff moot.

RyanP to Question Diversity • 3 months ago

Not necessarily. With the open borders comes a restoration of the freedom of association. It would be legal to create whites only areas. Since an all white america would still trade with non white people in other parts of the world, it is really only a difference of scale to have america divided into racial regions(assuming there is no massive welfare sate redistributing between regions).

Of course the white liberals will be appalled and want to live in racially mixed regions(or at least say they do). Let them. They are not going to be won over by forced segregation. Freedom and persuasion are the only way.

Amusing thought: Imagine how funny it would be to watch the "white flight" phenomenon play out all over again within the racially mixed regions.

Question Diversity to RyanP • 3 months ago

Okay, so we swing the borders open to our formerly "white only area," in order to restore freedom of association. (???)

If we get new whites-only areas, libertarians within the whites-only areas will be demanding that we open its borders. And/or libertarians outside the white enclaves would be demanding the very un-libertarian use of the state to dismantle the white enclave.

You see, I think you're falling sucker for libertarianism in theory, while not paying attention to libertarianism in practice. Want to see libertarianism in practice on race issues? Two words: Rand Paul. A President Rand Paul would be as quick as any liberal Democrat to sick all the resources of the Federal government to destroy a private white quasi-ethnostate within the confines of the multiracialist polyglot slop formerly known as America, which became a multiracial polyglot slop thanks to the help of libertarians like Rand Paul.

QD's mini-mantra: They say libertarian and freedom. What they really are is anti-white. Libertarian is code for anti-white.

N.S.: Alternate rendering: Libertarianism, in its currently popular form, is both a suicidal idee fixe, and a talking points machine for making rich people richer, and for spreading libertinism (unlimited debauchery, drugs, and abortion), as opposed to liberty. It is anti-white as a consequence of its idee fixe, its strategy of making the rich richer, and its libertinism.

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