Friday, April 11, 2014

Meditations on a Hate Crime and a Racial Dictatorship: A Reader Writes


White hate crime victim Steve Utash

Re: “Detroit: Was Racist Hate Crime a Set-Up? Two ‘Teens’ in Custody; Help White Victim Steve Utash!”

[See also: “Possibilities for How ‘the American Experiment’ Will End.”]


Vileness of this sort makes me think.

It's taken this long to respond because I have been thinking. The USG [United States Government] appears to be invulnerable. But I am missing something. A vital piece of the puzzle.

Strong governments are not afraid of the people. They govern with a light hand. Cf. the USG with Rome under Trajan or Persia under Cyrus. Prussia under Frederick and England under Vic [Queen Victoria] & Benjy [Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli].

There's a fundamental vulnerability which I am too blind to see. And too tired.

Do you have any suggestions?

Just one thing, it’s just one thing: one thing and the whole rotting, filthy corpulent structure goes down.

"Here we go 'round the prickly pear
at five o' clock in the morning."

A follow-up:

It just occurred to me, at 06:06 A.M. (PST) that whether or not the USG is vulnerable, whether it falls like Tesephon or whether it lasts for a thousand years, like Constantinople and its Empire, just resisting the USG and its intellectual contagion is victory enough.

1. Do you believe that all men are equal? That, in fact, Mr. Jefferson's deliberate manipulation and butchery of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia is Gospel Truth and that any Dissent is a heresy that mandates the Heretic burn at the stake, in full view of the mob that actively participates in such defenestration?

2. Do you hold the Constitution in Religious Awe?

3. Do you obligingly salivate over Abe Lincoln, the African Emancipator and American butcher?

4. Do you maintain that the Holy Name and Works of St. Martin Luther King Jr., aka Michael King Jr., represent "Conservative values?"

5. Do you believe "America" is defined by her "values?"

6. Do you believe that "the terrorists" hate us for "our freedom?"

5. Do you believe that (all) women are exalted oracles and that we should devote our lives to ensuring the maintenance of a world where they f--k freely well into their 30s and be allowed "free" access to such medicine that would rid them of the torments of an unwanted pregnancy and that wage slavery is preferable to housewifery and the drudgery it represents?

6. Do you hold these truths to be self-evident, that America is a white man's country and that the USG should therefore be a government of, for and by white men?

If you answered "NEIN!" to all but the last item, congrats! You're a Dissident. Welcome to the American Freikorps, which will be doing nothing like its namesake but something far more important: slowly replacing the intellectual contagion that is "Americanism" with something is truer and infinitely morally superior.

I think I found it. This is a Eureka moment of sorts. The chink in the USG's armour is its total control of the feedback loop that is eccentrically defined as "the Cathedral." You break the feedback loop, you topple the USG.

Nothing is simpler. Nothing is harder.

Nobody likes a man who criticizes and, possibly, defames the G-ds of the City. They will make you drink Hemlock if you're important enough (the Derb, Jason Richwine, the Mozillawallah, Larry Summers, to name the best-known examples of men who committed the most wicked Heresies and were duly burned at the stake to the howling approval or indifferent shrug of the crowd), they'll get you and "you'll never work in this town again."

"The old get old
And the young get stronger
May take a week
And it may take longer
They got the guns
But we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah
We're takin' over
Come on!"

Non deos vulgi negare profanum, sed vulgi opiniones diis applicare profanum.

[There is no profanity in refusing to believe in the gods of the people: the profanity is in believing of the gods what the people believe of them.]


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

When I first watched the 1:33 clip of the negro child, the first thing I noticed was the negro child running into the side of the pickup, and not the front of the pickup, nor any other part of the pickup running into the negro child.

The scenario clearly reflected the machination of the negros present at the incident.

This was a shakedown whitey, and support the negro illusion, conspiracy.

The weakest link in the negro conspiracy was clearly the physically smaller, lower IQed, negro cerebrum.

How many times had those very particular negros "hit' that store with the surveillance camera in the past few years?

Yet they failed to grasp or recognize the power of that camera.

Why? My first guess would be because they are negros.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"gods" as meaning the welfare state and the replacement of the white population of white nations worldwide.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid long ago a "tipping point" was reached from which there is no going back. The USG what it is called now has reached a level of power and size and has sufficient backing from a segment of the population to run roughshod over everyone and anyone it so desires.

Trying to create as best you can your own alternative world is the only option. "Going off" the grid so to speak.

Anonymous said...

They did not care about the surveillance camera. Oblivious and contemptuous of such items.

Even if it shows them in a bad manner, they just don't care.

Even glorify in it.

Anonymous said...

An illusion and aided and abetted by the news media who is in cahoots.

They will repeat over and over that the man "hit" the kid when no such thing happened.

Big lie they call it and it does work.

Anonymous said...

Created equal as in equal before the law. That needs to be stressed and repeated over and over.

Rich man and poor man the law applies equally.

ONLY with regard to application of the law and nothing more.