Thursday, April 10, 2014

Calvin Coolidge, and the Morality of Small Government



By Nicholas Stix

When I taught college on public campuses, I was always mindful that the taxpayers were paying through the nose for those institutions. Many of my well-paid (considering how little they worked), full-time colleagues, however, held the taxpayer in contempt. They would find any pretext for not teaching class, even though they were getting paid. (Any time I missed a scheduled class, I missed a pay check.) They would even defraud the taxpayer, by engaging students to riot, instead of attending class, and illegally marking them present, while they were at the riot. What was the riot about? Demanding the taxpayer surrender ever more money for them!

For the background to Silent Cal, read Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist, where I got the picture.

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Anonymous said...

This surprises most people.

That income tax having been instituted about only one decade prior to Cal AND about only ONE PERCENT of the working population paying any income tax at all.

After WW2 that number rapidly jumped to about 40 % of the working population paying income tax and the nation has not looked back since.