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When You Go Black, You Don’t Go Back: In Prince George’s County, MD, Black Man Murders Asian Ex-Wife, Kills Self


Michelle Miranda-Fletcher, left/Lester Lee Fletcher, Jr., right (PGPD)

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Thanks to Prince George’s County Expat, who writes,

Victim appears to be half Asian.

Or was.

Fort Washington Murder-Suicide: Two Dead
By Brad Bell, Brianne Carter
April 9, 2014 - 07:31 a.m.

FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (WJLA) - Prince George's County police are investigating what appears to be a murder-suicide in a Fort Washington apartment complex Wednesday morning.

Just after midnight, some residents in the building heard several gunshots. Others heard a man and woman screaming at each other before they were silenced by the gunfire:

"It was like a loud clapping noise -- since I was in military, I knew it was gunshots," said neighbor John Anderson.

When police arrived at the apartment, located in the 7200 block of Jaywick Avenue, they found 32-year-old Michelle Miranda Fletcher dead. She had been shot several times, and near her body, they found her ex-husband, 32-year-old Lester Lee Fletcher, Jr.

According to police, he had ambushed her in a murder-suicide.

"The woman was just coming home from a night celebrating her birthday with her girlfriends; she had just turned 32 years old," explained Julie Parker with PGPD.

Her ex-husband was reportedly waiting for her when she arrived, and Parker added that initial investigation leads police to believe that the man shot the woman in the parking lot before turning the gun on himself.

According to family members, Michelle met Lester when they were in high school, and they have a 13-year-old child.
However, their relationship had been troubled for years, and he has been arrested repeatedly on drugs and weapons charges.

On at least three occasions, she also sought protective orders claiming domestic violence at his hands.

Last September, Michelle claimed on court papers that she feared bodily harm, saying that Fletcher left her threatening phone messages and vandalized her car. She quoted him as saying: "You won’t get away with leaving me.”

The couple was finally divorced just a few weeks ago.

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