Friday, April 11, 2014

Dallas: “Police Commanders Have ‘Significantly Reduced’ Testing Standards for Recruits, Threatening the Public’s Safety

By A Texas Reader

the president of the Dallas Police Association said Thursday in a letter to city officials.”

Gotta be a Democrat.

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Anonymous said...

From years ago they had 30,000 applicants take the written exam for a probationary officer on the Chicago police force.

A passing score was 50 %.

It was rumored that two women alone among the 30,000 had scored a perfect 100 % on the exam.

But no more consideration would be given to hiring those two women than for an applicant that got a 50 % score on the written exam.

Even Nolan the head of the FOP, the police union, openly wondered what sort of person was being hired for the CPD and what considerations went into the hiring process and what was the quality of officer being hired.