Monday, April 14, 2014

A Letter to the State Department, Regarding Its Refugee Program

By Nicholas Stix

I sent this letter to the State Department early last May. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation, only hours later, from the administrator I’d written, to appear in person to read my letter aloud. Unfortunately, the way life is, although I rarely travel these days, I had a scheduling conflict: the same day I needed to be in Knoxville, Tennessee, for the beginning of Knoxville Horror killer George Thomas’ retrial. And so, I thanked the administrator for her gracious invitation, but had to beg out.

I am writing you to call on the State Department to suspend its refugee and asylum programs, until further notice.

It would be very nice to be able to welcome the downtrodden of the world, except that some 95 percent of the foreign nationals applying for refugee and asylee status are frauds.

State has not only refused to carry out its responsibility to weed out and deport (or imprison and then deport) the frauds, it has encouraged them.

“Refugees” are a multibillion-dollar racket, with “humanitarian” organizations profiting at the expense of the American taxpayer and ruthlessly destroying what had been some of America’s most beautiful cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, and smaller towns like Wausau and Lewiston. And the damage is spreading.

The foreigners who have exploited the programs are completely incompatible with the American way of life. They are extremely primitive, and hate us, yet they seek to bleed us dry and destroy our culture and legal and political systems. They have no conception of religious, political, or sexual tolerance (whether of women or homosexuals). They consider criminal behavior such as spousal and child abuse (including but not limited to female genital mutilation), spousal abuse, and even murder (“honor killings”) to be not only normal but virtuous. They are violent, and routinely set upon hard-working, law-abiding Americans in the formerly low-crime cities and crime-free towns they carefully pick out to victimize.

As the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers have shown, they wreak havoc, committing mass and serial murder, and wounding hundreds, and as the case of Nafissatou Diallo has shown, they engage in money laundering, make false police reports, and extort millions out of the rich.

For more typical examples, the ultraviolent Somalis and Hmong have routinized racist terror. (And yes, we know enough about them to be able to generalize!) They have formed violent criminal gangs that deal in drugs and prostitution, have turned the neighborhoods where they live off of the American taxpayer into no-go zones, and have extended their reach to brutally seizing once beautiful public parks, and going into once crime-free American neighborhoods and beating, robbing, and murdering law-abiding Americans in the latter’s own neighborhoods.

Since State cannot be trusted to police the programs, they must be suspended altogether, until which time hundreds of thousands of fraudulent “refugees” and “asylees” have been deported, the corrupt officials at State have been removed from their positions, the program entirely revamped and radically reduced in scope, and the “voluntary” organizations who have been ripping off the American taxpayer and the profit motive completely eliminated from the equation.

I realize that some legitimate applicants will suffer from a moratorium, but that is what happens when people refuse to do their jobs, and instead help criminals. If State had done its job, we wouldn’t have these problems, and I wouldn’t be writing you. At this point, it is millions of Americans who are suffering. It is State’s job to worry about them first, persecuted foreign nationals second, and to refuse to extend any solicitude to foreign criminals—the diametrical opposite of what it has for years been doing.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Our enemies do not need invasion fleets and long supply lines. The USG(United States Government) calls for and imports US citizens' enemies right here into our homes. Our enemies can train on site to kill, maim, and destroy us with resources and money taken from us, and we allow it to happen. Absolutely insane.
The USG has long deserted it's citizens.