Saturday, April 26, 2014

You Won’t Go to the School Prom with Me Tonight? You’re Dead! A Diversity Murder?


Murder victim Maren Sanchez (Facebook)

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Note that this killing was rated “National News” by Gannett’s USA Today and WFAA. When five whites are slaughtered together, it’s somehow not national news, and "media ethics experts" pooh-pooh it as an everyday occurrence. They're lying, of course. The truth is that white lives simply don't count to them, especially when the killers are non-whites.

My hunch is that, although according to Great Schools, Milford, Connecticut's Jonathan Law High School is 81% white, 7% Hispanic, 6% black, and 5% Asian, the suspect is a member of a politically “protected class.” Were he white, I believe we would have heard that by now. Whenever a white boy wounds or kills classmates in school, the MSM immediately report his race.

Note that Yahoo News has also engaged in another ruse used by cops and media alike to diminish crimes committed by protected classes: Calling a vicious crime a "dispute," and thereby insinuating moral equivalency.

Connecticut high school girl killed in apparent prom dispute
By Richard Weizel MILFORD, Connecticut (Reuters) - A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death on Friday by a classmate at their Connecticut high school, and authorities were investigating reports the boy was enraged that she had rejected his invitation to the prom, police said. The victim, Maren…

National News
Boy stabs, kills girl who turned down prom date
By Doug Stanglin
April 25, 2014 at 6:33 P.M.

A 16-year-old honor student at a Connecticut high school was stabbed to death in a school stairwell Friday allegedly by a fellow student after she turned down his invitation to tonight's junior prom, according to local media reports.

A 16-year-old [nameless, raceless] suspect was arrested by a school guard at Jonathan Law high school [sic] in Milford, police said.

The victim, identified as Maren Sanchez, died of neck injuries at Bridgeport Hospital, police said.

Milford Police chief Keith Mello said at a news conference that a school staff member witnessed part of the attack and tried to stop it. Others also join [sic] in the effort, he said.

"There was blood on her neck. It was awful," Sam Garcia, a junior at the school, tells the Hartford Courant. "I saw the girl lying on the stretcher when they took her out."

Students say that the attacker, after being spurned over the prom invitation, allegedly tried to strangle the girl, then pushed her down the stairs before stabbing her in the throat, Connecticut News 12 reports.

At a news conference, school officials described Sanchez as a well-liked honors student and athlete.

School principal Fran Thompson emailed a note to students, saying she was informing them of Sanchez's death "with a heavy heart."

"Maren, a junior, was everything right with Jonathan Law. An honor student, active member of our school community and incredible young woman, her time with us was much too short but her spirit will be with us forever," the message said, according to the New Haven Register.

Milford Mayor Benjamin G. Blake said in a statement that "Our hearts go out to the family of Maren Sanchez ... nd [sic] to those also affected by this tragedy."

Sanchez posted a photo of herself in a new dress ont [sic] the JLHS Prom Dresses 2014 Facebook group page on March 3. She added a note: "Yay, So excited!"

School officials postponed tonight's prom, which was to be held at a banquet hall in nearby Stratford.

The school was placed on lock down [sic] for two hours following the attack, which occurred shortly after 7 a.m. ET, the Connecticut Post reports.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the first thing I did was to seek out a photo of the perp and there was none anywhere. When a white does anything like this his picture is plastered over the internet immediately.

Anonymous said...

Probably Hispanic perp.

They are known for being extremely misogynistic.

Anonymous said...

Of course the murder is a black hispanic. I commented on a newspaper thread also pointing out that if the young lady had a gun, the perpetrators name would be all over the news. He'd be dead and she would be protected.

My comments quickly disappeared. To say that a weapon protects one and that it was probably a black male who did this crime is too much for that newspaper.

once again, it's all right and okay for black males to use weapons against whites.

Anonymous said...

The "alleged" killers name is Chris Plaskon. The official police/media stance is to not release his name or photos because he is underage but some media outlets have released his name and posted his picture. He appears to be white. Check out the link below. Jerry

Anonymous said...

No wonder she wouldn't go to the prom with him. He's an unknown. He may not be enrolled at the school. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

YEP, the man [boy] had his honor blemished by the refusal and so he acted as a savage and had to kill the woman [girl]. That is typical for "Spanish" society.