Monday, April 28, 2014

Mass Murder in Houston: Was It a Hate Crime?

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Thanks to A Texas Reader, who sent this, asking,

The vics were all Hispanics, the killers three black men. The apartment was a mini-bordello. So, the crime could be construed as a xenophobia-inspired hate crime, except that the killers were the wrong race, and as affirmative action beneficiaries are incapable of “hate.”

HPD: 3 people found dead at apartment complex
Author: Bill Spencer, Investigative Reporter,
John Whalen, News Associate Producer
Published On: Apr 27 2014 07:37:03 PM CDT Updated On: Apr 28 2014 11:41:50 A.M. CDT

Houston police homicide detectives are working and combing through the evidence left behind inside an apartment where three people were murdered.

Two women and one man were found shot to death execution style and lying on the floor at The Pines of Northwest Crossing.

Investigators were bagging numerous shotgun shells and bullet casings at the scene in the 7400 block of Hillmont.

Sergeant Christopher Hassig with the Houston Police Department said the crime scene looked like it had been ransacked by the killers who may have driven off in a silver vehicle.

Eyewitnesses at the apartment complex reported hearing a barrage of gunfire and then seeing three black men running from the apartment in question.

Witnesses told police they believed the apartment was used as a location for prostitution.

Investigators are now searching for any information on the wanted men.


Anonymous said...

It is crimes of this nature that is a dilemma for Holder [ZANU-PF].

Holder [ZANU-PF] will not know to charge these killers with a hate crime or not.

Anonymous said...

I live Houston and sometimes watch the local "news" because I am masochist. The cops and the local media are covering up an escalating war between latinos and blacks.