Saturday, April 12, 2014

North Carolina: Cops Lied, and Called Black Lakim Faust’s Shooting of Four White Men “Random,” but Grand Jury Says Shootings were All Racially Motivated


Lakim Faust grinning in court

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Greenville Shooting Spree Suspect on Camera for First Time
Updated: Mon 8:28 PM, Apr 07, 2014


For the first time since his arrest, the suspect in last summer's Greenville shooting spree has appeared on camera.

Lakim Faust appeared in a courtroom at the Pitt County Detention Center this morning.

He is accused in the June 21st shooting spree in front of the Kellum Law Firm and across the street at Walmart.

A grand jury indictment said the shooting was racially motivated. All four victims were white men, while Faust is black.

Faust was seriously wounded by Greenville police after they confronted him on Hooker Road.

Until today, most of Faust's court appearances have been in secured locations, away from the media. He is being kept at Central Prison in Raleigh while awaiting trial.

The brief administrative hearing this morning set his trial date for January 20th of next year.


Anonymous said...

Lakim is a man or a woman?

Appears to be a woman?

NEVER heard of this shooting until just now.

And what is the status of the four whitey men?


And there is a gag order on this case?

What gives?

Anonymous said...

Here's another story you can cite next time an Afroracist claims it's "only whitey rapin' dem kids n shit". I couldn't find any mention of what the race of the vic was.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Unfortunately, now that our cops have to stand eyeball to eyeball with the public they serve and protect, and lie about a situation, in order to make liberal ideology muster, shows just how far along our culture is in the white liberal ideology transmogrification process.

This is happening the planet Earth over, in every white man's higher culture of civilization, and it will not stop.

White liberal ideology is shepherding we whites like a herd of sheep, down the road to the new culture of white liberal ideology. The ideology of the immature and insane.

There is but one escape, a new White Homeland outlawing white liberal ideology for the start.

Our posterity is hoping we of today accept our duty, for if we choose dereliction of duty, their fate is to suffer greatly.

For our posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.