Monday, April 21, 2014

Be My Easter Bunny: Time for a Rule 5 Draft Break!



Thanks to Theo Spark.


Anonymous said...

If this article in our local "news"paper is to be believed then Oregon is to be ground zero for a shift in the rules for handling immigrants in custody. There's a fairly lively discussion re this in the comments field with the usual suspects, more intellectual meat there than in the actual article, as usual. Jerry

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Take a good long look at that pulchritudinous, young white woman, for the day is coming when that form of human is rare and, when still a little further on down the line, that form is extinct.

She is us, and we are selling the soul of our gene pool today, to appease liberal ideology, the ideology of the immature and insane, for a transient gain at the expense of all our kindred's tomorrows.

Just as the anaconda of liberal ideology's socialism is slowly killing our American form, of our white man's higher culture of civilization, so too is liberal ideology's anaconda of miscegenation slowly killing off our gene pool and posterity.

Are we capable of pulling ourselves out of this whirlwind of insanity. It seems to have the force of an F5 tornado.

I do not see others recognizing the danger of liberal ideology's eventual end zone.

I see many making money on the problem, but not actually trying to solve the problem.

Unfair assessment? Perhaps.

Only our posterity will know for sure.

And then the waitress says to me, would you like your, fresh out of the oven bun, vanilla or mulattoed, I wondered, just what is she asking?

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.