Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling “Scandal”: Black Supremacist Extortionist Jesse Jackson Calls for Boycott


“V. Stiviano,” alias “Vanessa Perez,” alias “Monica Gallegos,” alias “Maria Valdez,” et al.

One of Jesse Jackson's mug shots

“Stiviano”--or is that comedienne Sarah Silverman?--with Clippers owner Donald Sterling

By Nicholas Stix

Strong Sterling scandal reactions: Barkley decries owner; Jesse Jackson calls for boycott
April 26, 2014 306P
Fox Sports

A comment I posted at Fox Sports follows:

A bunch of black racists are angry at a white man who doesn’t care for them?

Jesse Jackson calls for a boycott that would only pauperize the black players, but would lead to him extorting millions out of Sterling, in order to “rehabilitate” Sterling and Jackson alike?

Magic Johnson, who surely never pays to attend NBA games, is threatening to free up an expensive seat by his non-presence?

The racist Michael Jordan, who used to punch white teammates, and only white teammates, is righteously indignant?

And all of this was staged by a “black” designing woman, who had to have committed crimes, just to record the alleged conversation, in the first place.

And why is Fox Sports “reporting” this racial theater so credulously?

Let blacks boycott the NBA! They don’ spend any money on it, anyway! Heck, I’ve boycotted that racist league for years. It’s whites who need to boycott the NBA!

Clippers coach Doc Rivers reportedly wrote, "were [sic] not happy with any of it. Were [sic] going to let the due process happen."

Due process is for when someone has been formally charged by prosecutors with having committed a crime. Sterling hasn’t even been accused of a crime.

Magic Johnson tweeted, “I will never go to a Clippers game again as long as Donald Sterling is the owner.”

When has Magic Johnson ever paid to attend an NBA game? I would imagine that he gets waved in for free at every arena in the league, as a courtesy to an old Hall of Famer. So, who is he kidding? If he “boycotts” the Clippers, that’s one more very expensive seat they can sell.

Jesse Jackson appeared on ESPN and called for a boycott of Clippers games by the players, their families, black fans and by white people who view blacks and whites as equals. Jackson also said Sterling should be suspended immediately for an [sic] length of time to be determined.

So says one of America’s most notorious racists. Quoting the fake preacher and real black supremacist Jackson on race relations is like presenting David Duke as a moral paragon regarding Jews.

Which players and their families are supposed to “boycott” Clippers games? The Clippers’ players? Then they’ll go from multimillionaires to paupers overnight. Their families? The families are free riders who attend the game without paying. Their non-attendance, like that of a Magic Johnson would only free up more seats for paying customers. “Black fans”? How many of them pay, anyway? The NBA is almost entirely dependent on white fans for its profits.

“White people who view blacks and whites as equals”? That is a virtually non-existent demographic among white basketball fans, or non-fans. A tiny minority of whites views blacks as morally superior to them; the rest view blacks as morally and intellectually inferior to whites. (A larger proportion of whites views blacks as physically superior to whites.)

Jesse Jackson is merely angling to extort millions out of Sterling, as his fee to racially “rehabilitate” him, which at the same time would racially rehabilitate Jackson, who has been thoroughly outflanked, in recent years by murderous black supremacist and fake preacher, Al Sharpton.

And why is Fox Sports “reporting” this racial theater so credulously?


Bob1313 said...

I think the label of "white" should be changed to "jew" in the description of Mr. Sterling

Anonymous said...

This is the negroes, their leftist masters, and the media showing their hand. Thought Crime. Sadly, Sterling is a member of their cabal (rich leftist and Jewish), but they'll gladly eat their own to push their agenda.

Note the only people defending Sterling are diehard libertarian/conservatives and race realists.

We are supposed to care deeply that a 1% octogenarian's prostitute baited him into saying some derogatory things about negroes. It's time for our Two Minutes Hate.

And they will destroy Sterling as a lesson to us all. Even the wildly rich are crushed if they don't publicly toe the party line of racial "equality."

Stan d Mute