Monday, April 21, 2014

Kansas City, Missouri: Serial Highway Shooting Suspect is the Wrong Race, Wrong Religion, and Wrong Ethnicity!


Mohammed Pedro Whitaker mug shot KCMO PD circa April 19, 2014

By A Texas Reader

Kansas City, Missouri (CNN) -- The man charged with shooting at motorists on Kansas City highways apparently fired a .380 pistol from his own car before speeding away, documents released on Friday said.

A black, Hispanic Muslim?



The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

In the mug shot, not the 38 shot, little M. Pedro's mongoloid features are clearly noticeable. The shape of the skull, the inner eyelid.

His negroid genes are also clearly noticeable, in the lips, nose and skin.

Little M. Pedro is a mulatto, and therefore more intelligent than the common full blooded negro.

He is what all negros aspire to in the long run, a mulattoed, bigger and better cerebrum.

The amerindain mongoloid gene pool does not produce oriental high IQ, but it is obviously higher than the negro IQ.

The Islamics are a misogynistic religion of hate and the bane of the white man's higher culture of civilization.

The crocodile of white liberal ideology's diversity is melded uniquely in little M. Pedro. If you are white he is much like what your grandchildren and great grandchildren are destined to look like.

For those non-liberal, non-apostate whites who pretend white liberals are genuine, you had better get some coffee quick, and come to, before it is too late.

When will it be too late? Once your family line goes mulattoed.

Why didn't Noah build the arc after the rain?

Because then the jig is up and all are dead.

Time to consider the next new alternative, don't you think?

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I'm PDK: Thank you.

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