Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baloo: Being Logical Will Just Get You in Trouble



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Anonymous said...

They finally caught a white serial killer. I've been pointing out how the last 4 serial killers caught in the US are all black men (and been called many names for doing so on various webpages) but knew a white one would crop up sooner or later. Though in this case it was two killers working together. One of the men however is not white, he is clearly of asian origin. His name was Franco Cano, the white man's name is Stephen Gordon. These two scumbags were actually supposed to be monitored wearing GPS's and still murdered women. Lots of question regarding these two being on the street.
Now we can say of the last 6 serial killers caught in the US: 4 are black men, 1 is an asian man and 1 is a white man. I know there will be other white serial killers but like other violent criminal activity the overly high percentage of black male perps will continue. Jerry