Monday, April 21, 2014

Texas is Home to More than 100,000 Gang Members



Report: More than 100,000 gang members in Texas
April 18, 2014 11:20 AM
The Daily Caller

Current gang membership in the state of Texas may exceed 100,000 individuals, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

In a lengthy examination of gang activity in the state DPS officials revealed that they believe the number of gang members may exceed 100,000 people, participating in more than 4,600 identified gangs in the state.

“This estimate is consistent with available information on gang membership nationally and within Texas. The National Gang Intelligence Center, for example, estimated in 2011 that there are 1.4 million gang members nationwide — a 40-percent increase from 2009,” the report, released Thursday, reads.

According to authorities, many of the gangs work with Mexican cartels to smuggle contraband like drugs, weapons, people and money across the border.

“Texas-based gangs, gang members, and their associates are active in both human smuggling and human trafficking, which often includes sex trafficking and compelling prostitution of adult and minor victims,” the report reads. “Gangs and gang members are attracted to the lucrative nature of this activity due to the potential for large and renewable profits and the perceived lower risk of detection. Gangs with access to alien smuggling organizations (ASOs) are often sought out to assist in the smuggling of illegal aliens into the United States. Gang members are involved in the human trafficking of both international and domestic victims.”

The most dangerous gangs, according to DPS, are Tango Blast and Tango Cliques, which officials estimate have more than 8,200 members. Officials also point to Texas Syndicate with more than 4,400 members, the Texas Mexican Mafia with more than 5,500 members, and Barrio Azteca with more than 2,000 members as the other most dangerous gangs.

DPS reports that of the incarcerated members of the most dangerous levels of gangs more than half are serving sentences for a violent crime.

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Anonymous said...

They are coming here for a better life.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that PopSci April 2014 article about how one radio guy in TX set up a giant radio network for C3 for the Zetas in Mexico? It revolutionized the drug cartel dealings.

Jay Santos said...

100,000 or 900,000, what difference does it make? We are allowing them to grow and to arm extensively so that they will be a better opponent in the future.

Sure, it would be kind of easy to stop this now or 20 years ago. But the U.S. loves challenges. Thus they will grow stronger and stronger until we decide they are a worthy challenge. Then watch out!

Anonymous said...

And it is not just money. That type of life style as the macho thug is not only popular but preferred.

Anonymous said...

Hackworth said that the worst internal danger to the U.S. was the street gang. Numbers, weapons, organization, money, etc.
And a ruthlessness too.