Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Late, Late Night Snack

By Nicholas Stix

Whereby my favorite blogger muses on how a busy grocery can go out of business and become a casualty of food desertification, Harry Reid’s bloody hands, Democrats’ current race-hunt, and more!


Anonymous said...

This particular article deals with grocery stores but could be any business in the "hood" for that matter.

Stick-ups, persons in the parking lot being beaten and robbed, shoplifting of course, persons on "credit" and never paying, etc.

The list is a long one. And unless the store has an all negro staff, just plain dangerous for the employees too.

Anonymous said...

Excessive litigiousness is a problem in America. And Dewtroit is where the civil suit lawyers like to file suit against the major corporations.

The juries in Detroit have a reputation for "sticking it" to the corporations.

What they need to say is that the all-black juries in Detroit stick it to the major corporations.

Anonymous said...

Another factor is the grocery carts are constantly stolen. When you tell a white liberal this he refuses to believe it.

David In TN

countenance said...

David in TN

Most ghetto grocery stores try to preclude cart stealing with one of three methods:

1. Making it impossible using barriers of some sort to take the cart too far from the main entrances to the store

2. Requiring the insert of a coin, usually a quarter, to detach the cart from the stack of carts, and when you're done you re-insert the dongle to get your quarter back

3. Fitting the rear wheels with some sort of Denver boot style device that locks them and makes the cart un-pushable when you get too far from the store, usually at the end of the store's parking lot.

Number three is the most common method.

I bet that particular store that's closing used either 1 or 3. If they didn't, you're right, they'd steal the carts left and right, meaning the store wouldn't have survived even as long as it has.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your input. I regularly shop at the Kroger store in my (overwhelmingly white) Tennessee town. There are no restrictions of any kind on the shopping carts. The shoppers push the carts to the parking area, unload their purchases in their car, and place the carts in the designated spot.

The carts are rarely if ever stolen.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Grocery carts decades ago cost about $100 each.

countenance said...

David in TN

Turns out that the urbanist blogger in St. Louis felt adventurous and went spelunking:


And it turns out the method they use to prevent cart stealing is #1.

Then there's the matter of the store being your typical bell curve city dump.