Monday, April 28, 2014

Are the Seattle Police and the MSM Conspiring to Hide the Truth about Violent Crime?

Re: “Diversitopia, Seattle: Fatal Shooting is Neighborhood’s Third in a Week; As in Chicago, Victims and Suspects are All Nameless, Faceless, and Raceless.”

The question, of course, is now rhetorical.

Longtime reader Jay Santos writes:
Seattle police web site is also rather secretive about names, as in they don't use them. If they don't use names they sure won't be needing race.

The reporting approach mirrors that of Chicago and other cities. I think the idea is that if names remain unknown, then it's that much more difficult to prove the extent to which they are wildly manipulating these crime states. The media and the Garry McCarthy types are working together.

N.S.: You’ll note that I didn’t add to, or correct anything Jay wrote. That’s because he said it all.


Anonymous said...

Made a trip to the SeaTac area last year and was surprised to see the number of minorities present. Lots of them of all types. Those whitey thinking to flee to the Pacific Northwest in search of a whitey homeland forget it.

Anonymous said...

I've spent a fair bit of time in the Northwest. Once outside Seattle or Portland, the diversities drop off in population quickly. Spokane is probably the cleanest and safest mid-size city in the country. The downside is it's high desert and gets very cold in winter. Montana is clean all around, but not much to do there. And of course the Mexican invasion is felt *everywhere*.

Stan d Mute