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Rich, Racist, and Evil: Ken Burns and His Daughter Promote and Exploit the Revisionist Central Park Jogger Hoax with a Fiction Book and Mockumentary, and Seek to Help Racist Savages Defraud New York’s White and Asian Taxpayers Out of $250 Million

By Nicholas Stix

On April 19, 1989, scores of racist blacks and a small number of racist Hispanics descended upon Manhattan’s Central Park, in order to terrorize whites. They beat several people, and sexually molested and beat one woman, who would come to be known as the Central Park Jogger, nearly to death.

I have written many articles on this case since 2000, but my most succinct and accurate one was a section of one I wrote for Peter Brimelow’s VDARE, in 2009.

Excerpted from: “Sotomayor Supporter Robert Morgenthau and His Regime of Racialized ‘Justice’ in Manhattan”
June 24, 2009

Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau’s "evolving" handling of the Central Park Jogger case from 1989-2002;


The Central Park Jogger case

On April 19, 1989, a mob of 32-40 teenaged boys—predominantly black, the rest Hispanic—set out for a night of mayhem terrorizing whites in Central Park. They brutalized at least a dozen whites, most obscenely the woman who for years would be known as "The Central Park Jogger."

A subgroup of from eight to 15 boys variously bludgeoned, punched, stomped, hit with rocks, and ripped the flesh of their 5'4," 105-lb. victim from head to toe; sexually fondled her; stripped her and tied her up with her clothes; sodomized her; and at least one raped her.

Hours before police would learn of the attack on The Jogger, they responded to calls that all hell was breaking loose in the park. In separate squad cars, black teenagers Kevin Richardson, 14, Antron McCray, 15, and Clarence Thomas, 14, told baffled officers that they knew who had committed "the murder", and where the weapon had been stashed.

At that point, only the attackers had such knowledge.

When two men found The Jogger in a ravine, she had a fractured skull, had lost 75 percent of her blood, and was pronounced DOA. Few of her doctors thought she'd survive. One "exploded" eye hung out of its socket; a friend could not physically identify her. She remained in a coma for 12 days. Her sociopathic attackers caused brain damage, leaving her with lifelong balance and coordination problems, a lost sense of smell, decreased mental abilities, and having to re-learn such basic tasks as "rolling over, telling time, buttoning her blouse or identifying simple objects."

Four of the nine boys initially arrested—Richardson, McCray, Raymond Santana, 14, and Kharey Wise, 16—made voluntary, videotaped confessions, the three under 16 in the presence of a parent or guardian. Each denied having raped The Jogger, but charged accomplices with having done so. The four all identified 15-year-old Yusuf Salaam as having brought down The Jogger with a blow to the head from a metal pipe. Salaam likewise confessed to having struck that blow, and a second to the victim's ribs, but refused to make an official signed or videotaped confession.

At the time, police announced that additional attackers remained at large, and that none of the arrestees' DNA matched the semen evidence.

A racist hate campaign immediately swung into action—against the victim!

Working with black nationalist activists such as Al Sharpton, Elombe Brath, and Bill Perkins, the city's black weeklies, the Amsterdam News and City Sun, promoted the fantasy that the confessed assailants were the Scottsboro Boys reincarnated: "Innocent" boys from "good homes," who had been snatched up by racist police, based solely on the color of their skin.

Violating a long-standing, unofficial rule against revealing the names of sex crime victims, for over a year the two weeklies obsessively repeated the victim's name in every issue: Patricia Meili. (Actually, she went by "Trisha.")

Outside the courthouse, black supremacists screamed,"The boyfriend did it!" "She did it herself!" and when the limping victim appeared, "Whore!" and "Slut!"

New York's white-owned media largely suppressed coverage of the hate campaign.

One has to understand that black supremacists consider brutalizing whites virtuous behavior; the more gruesome, the better. Their reflexive assertions in such cases that blacks were "framed"are smoke-screens; for them, there is no such thing as black-on-white "crime."

In two trials, marked by constant intimidation and disruptions, and feckless behavior by city officials, McCray, Richardson, Salaam, Santana and Wise were tried and convicted of most charges in 1990.

Afterwards, attorneys for three of the defendants (see also here) remarked that mounting an effective defense had been rendered impossible by the convicts' self-incriminating statements—including their trial testimony—and because an alternative theory of where they were in the park would have implicated them in other felonies.

The convicts then got confessors' remorse. The black agitators and their MSM henchmen promoted the Big Lie, whereby the confessions had been coerced, and the convicts were innocent.

In a 1992 jailhouse interview on 60 Minutes, Salaam suggested that Meili was "faking" her injuries, and insisted as a Muslim, he was incapable of committing crimes. (!)

In 2002, after the statute of limitations for the Central Park attacks had passed, delusional psychotic Matias Reyes, a convicted murderer and serial rapist already serving a 33 1/3 years-to-life sentence in the same prison as Kharey Wise, announced that he had "found God"—something that he had been saying for 11 years—and that he alone had attacked Trisha Meili.

The unidentified sperm proved to be Reyes'. Otherwise, his story was bunkum. The victim's doctors denied that the then slightly built, 5'8," 18-year-old had without help dragged a remarkably fit if petite woman, fighting for her life, 290 feet; and had without accomplices so tortured and harmed her.

Reyes had either found and raped the unconscious Meili after the wolf pack had moved on to other victims, or had been a part of it. At the time, some of the boys had said they'd held the victim down, while a "Tony" raped her. Reyes' street name was "Tony."

Morgenthau took Reyes' entire story on faith, and refused to permit him to be cross-examined in a court of law.

(At the time Reyes made his statement, he was serving in the same prison as Kharey Wise, who by then had become "a very powerful Muslim leader during his 11 years in prison." Police believed that "Reyes made the confession to score points with Wise… So he does Wise a favor and gets himself major protection in state prison.") [Why Reyes Admitted Rape, By Andy Geller And Murray Weiss, New York Post, December 5, 2002]

After promising "a fair, impartial and complete" review of the case, Morgenthau instead joined the MSM inpromoting the black supremacist narrative, after airbrushing the obvious racist insanity out of it. The story Morgenthau now peddled could have been a Law & Order script.

Twisting the law, history, and logic into a pretzel on behalf of the convicts, Morgenthau acted as if there were new exculpatory evidence, when there was none; as if the confessions had been ruled inadmissible, when they had in fact withstood all legal challenges; and asserted that it was the prosecutor's (as opposed to defense counsel's) job to concoct an exculpatory, alternative narrative though, like a dumb street hood, he apparently could not come up with one matching the known facts. No matter; the New York Times covered for him.

In December, 2002, Morgenthau requested state Justice Charles Tejada to "vacate" the already served sentences, both for the attack on Meili and for other assaults that night—thus implying that the five convicts had been railroaded. Tejada complied.

Atypical of the media, legendary NYPD detective Mike Sheehan, by then a Fox 5 News reporter said, "I'm shocked at Morgenthau. This shows they have no respect for us and no respect for the victims in this case."

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and several of the over 30 detectives who had originally worked the case, charged that Morgenthau's office, led by ADA Nancy E. Ryan, had sabotaged the investigation, by:

  • Withholding new DNA tests and prison records;

  • Refusing to interview the prosecutors and lead detectives from the original case;

  • Forbidding the detectives from consulting their by now 13-year-old notes, when attempting to interrogate convicts in prison;

  • Forbidding detectives from administering a polygraph examination to Reyes;

  • Interrupting detectives whenever they asked Reyes questions in jail; and

  • Going so far as to telephone the lawyers of Reyes' fellow inmates, directing them to advise their clients to refuse to cooperate with detectives.

If Kelly and the detectives' charges are true—and they seem plausible to me—Morgenthau and his aides committed the felony, conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Today, the indignant, "innocent victims" seek to cash in, to the tune of $250 million, via the ultimate frivolous lawsuit.

If they win, they should cut Morgenthau in. He's earned it.

See also:

“Race Hustlers Re-Run Central Park Jogger Case”; and

“Justice Vacated in Central Park Jogger Case.”

This is so sickening. Even the New York Post jumped on the bandwagon to promote the daughter’s book, despite having honestly reported on this case back in 1989.

Ken Burns, Raymond Santana 12:43 pm 9/11/2012 by THR Staff

The Hollywood Reporter

Director Ken Burns gives us his inspiration for his documentary about five black and Latino teenagers that were wrongfully convicted of rape. Talking about the racism Ken added, "There has been progress we have a African-American president, but not enough progress that these then boys, now men didn't get caught and churned up in this system that could not just simply admit a mistake."

Video by: R. Laski, P. Teyssier-Verger, J. Laski, C. Smith, J. Kooistra, C. Austin, O. Pratten, S. Wilson, G. Kilday, M. Lizaso

[Thanks to the colleague who gave me the heads-up on this sordid story.]


Anonymous said...

I just watched a movie titled "Narc" starring Ray Liotta. Well done movie but the script follows the standard Hollywood racial theme. While it portrays scumbag criminal blacks it also has whites that are worse who abuse those criminal blacks. Hollywood actors and directors are totally brainwaahed by these portrayals (or are the brainwashers), they simply can't believe in ultimate guilt of any blacks, it's doesn't fit into the fantasy world they have created and believe implicitly in no matter how much reality intrudes. Therefore if they find any rationalization to excuse black behavior they latch onto it and make the heinous evil blacks into cause celebre to assuage their liberal guilt and reinforce their false world vision. Sad but true.

Robert in Arabia said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Stix,

I just heard about this movie today on the radio as I was driving around. I beg you to PLEASE stay on this situation with the same doggedness that you've covered the Knoxville Atrocity all these years. Without a counter view on the Central Park event, people will blindly believe Ken Burns' lefty revisionist story as the facts, much as many view the revised and false story of Reuben Carter's ("The Hurricane") non-guilt in the 1966 murders in Paterson NJ, or Mumia Abu-Jamal's false story of innocence in the murder of Officer Faulkner.

Eric D

Nelson said...

Awww,you lying racist dog. They were clearly innocent and Reye's dna was at the scene.

Nicholas said...


What does Reyes' DNA have to do with the price of tea in China? Police and prosecutors had always acknowledged that they didn't have all of the attackers, including the source of the semen.

Since you support evil, that makes you evil, too.