Monday, October 22, 2012

Executive Decision: Jerry Goldsmith’s Score (Suite) (1996)

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to COSMORICO.

I had recalled this picture as having a great score, but the other uploads sounded merely good. COSMORICO’s version captures the score’s quality. The stills and fades are so much gravy.

Watching this picture repeatedly, pre-911, I always found it a cracklin’ good thriller, but ever since that day I have found it moving, not to mention prophetic. Until then, hijackers had always wanted something. Now, all of a sudden, they just wanted to kill as many Americans as possible. The weirdest thing is that after 911, traitorous Hollywood refused to present Arab Moslems as our enemies.

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Escoffier said...

Dude, I luuuuuv this theme! I remember seeing this movie at the cheapie theater and humming the theme for the rest of the night. Couldn't get it out of my head.

And as popcorn action movies goes this one was pretty darn entertaining and as far as I'm concerned Kurt Russell is an underappreciated gem of an actor. I think his understated performance in the movie Soldier is a thing of beauty.

Thanks for reminding me of this awesome theme!