Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicago: Panera Cares Threatens to Destroy Expensive Lakeview Neighborhood; Racist Black Cut-Throats Take Over Streets; White, Petit Bourgeois Communists Side with Racists Against Their Own Neighbors

By Nicholas Stix

I suppose this is poetic justice. Over the past 50-60 years, petit bourgeois communists (PBCs) and socialists in overpriced Chicago neighborhoods like Lakeview have destroyed the lives of over a million working-class and middle-class whites in the rest of town, by supporting the “civil rights” of racist black cut-throats to invade and take over their neighborhoods, and rob, rape, maim and murder them. (In the meantime, black neighborhoods also slid ever deeper into moral depravity. Funny, how that works.) So, why shouldn’t the PBCs get a taste of their own medicine?

Note that even before Panera Cares started its new, pay-what-you-feel-like policy on June 21, Lakeview, like other overpriced Chicago neighborhoods (e.g., Streeterville), was under siege by racist black thugs, who have been robbing residents at will, in recent years.

In the CBS Chicago video below by Marissa Bailey, note what she doesn’t show or tell, as well as what she does. She interviews Sally Figliulo, who complains of men refusing to let people pass on the sidewalk.

She then interviews Bruce Beal, who insists that since the new policy began,

“I don’t see any more of that now than I saw before—at all,” he said. “Before it was all relatively affluent neighbors and now it’s a mix of affluent neighbors and folks that aren’t as affluent.”
English translation of “folks that aren’t as affluent”: Racist, violent, black criminals.
Bailey shows no images of these men, but does show images of their passing. A “before” shot shows food containers dumped on a platform and step, on the side of a business, while the “after” shot shows the business having installed a locked gate.

Thus, even if Bruce Beal were telling the truth, the influx of the new invisible litterers has caused a loss in public space.

But of course, Beal is lying. We know that the men invading the neighborhood are black, just as they have been black in every other story about whites being terrorized in Chicago in recent years. And just as with every other story, the MSM has refused to racially identify the perps, which has become an indirect form of racial identification.

Beal complained to Bailey that people like Sally Figliulo just care about their property values. And what’s wrong with that? It would be completely irrational for someone to pay a fortune for overpriced property, in order to escape racist blacks and protect one’s loved ones, and then not care about his property values? And make no mistake about it: The basis for Lakeview’s high property prices is that it is white and well-to-do.

I’m pretty sure Beal has no children.

Another thing Bailey doesn’t tell us is why she interviewed Beal. It took me less than a minute to determine that Beal is a member of the Lakeview Action Coalition (see the second story below). LAC is devoted to destroying white neighborhoods, by bringing in racist, black cut-throats. Thus, Beal has zero credibility. Indeed, if he were smart, he would have honored the first law of lying—plausibility—by saying something like, ‘Well, we had some minor problems at the beginning, but everyone has adjusted to each other since then.’ But no, he’s a hardcore racial socialist.

(Googling under Sally Figliulo turned up no activist trail, one way or the other.)

Beal’s plan is to destroy whites economically, coming and going. He’ll have the government force whites to pay to bring in the racist black criminals, and then the whites will pay a second time when the blacks destroy the whites’ property values, and the latter have to sell their homes at a loss—which for working and middle-class whites means losing everything they’ve worked to build up—or having to walk away, and get absolutely nothing.

The Left has been doing this for 50 years, so it can’t be an accident that things have worked out this way again and again, for millions of whites.

I guess Beal figures that the racist, black cut-throats will protect him, while robbing, raping, maiming and murdering his white neighbors.

Note that Beal doesn’t even support working-class, as opposed to criminal blacks. He has tenaciously fought against big box stores in his community, even when they were planned to fill the storefronts that were previously the home of failed businesses, and even supported that leftwing bugaboo, restrictive covenants, to achieve his goal.

Meanwhile, Superintendant Garry McCarthy’s Chicago PD is its usual lying, worthless self: “Police say there is no way to prove an increase in crime in the area is directly affected to the opening of the store.”
Right. It’s all a coincidence.

Why didn’t the police flack just go whole hog, and tell the usual CPD lie—‘In the community, crime overall is down’?

I’ll give the last word to CBS News commenter billrowland:

Put a bird feeder on your porch and your house will be covered in bird s**t.

Safety Concerns Growing After Opening of Panera Cares in Lakeview
By Marissa Bailey
October 2, 2012
CBS News Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Concern about safety is growing in one Chicago neighborhood and some residents there say a unique restaurant may be to blame.
CBS 2′s Marissa Bailey takes a look at the impact it’s having on Lakeview.
Panera Bread reopened as “Panera Cares” on June 21. The new concept meant that customers would pay what they could. If they couldn’t pay anything, the meal was free.
Sally Figliulo has lived in Lakeview for 12 years and says that since Panera Cares opened, she feels unsafe.
“It’s just kind of scary,” she said. “A crowd of guys won’t let you through a sidewalk. That’s invasive.”
But that’s not all.
It seems businesses around the Diversey and Clark location have made visible changes. One business has recently added a gate.
Trash was also seen piling up on a stoop just a few feet from the café.
Bruce Beal has lived in Lakeview for 12 years as well. He says the neighborhood is safe and a few outspoken neighbors are just worried about property value.
“I don’t see any more of that now than I saw before at all,” he said. “Before it was all relatively affluent neighbors and now it’s a mix of affluent neighbors and folks that aren’t as affluent.”
Ald. Tom Tunney says he’s received some complaints from neighbors but the Panera Cares location is evolving.
“It’s kind of a live-and-let-live corner,” Tunney said. The Panera Cares concept “is a work in progress, and I know Panera is concerned. They want to make it successful for the neighborhood and for the company.”
Panera Bread area director Jeff Harman agrees.
“The concerns of the community are my concerns,” said Harman. “If they’re feeling it, we want to understand it, and we’re committed to investigating as thoroughly as we can and then take the steps to eradicate it.”
Chicago Police have met with community leaders about the concerns.
They say they’re enlisting the help of the Department of Family and Support Services to assist homeless in the area.
Police say there is no way to prove an increase in crime in the area is directly affected to the opening of the store.

Sweet Home Chicago, February 9, 2011. "Supporters of an affordable housing ordinance gather at City Hall. The City Council voted to table the ordinance until after the Feb. 22 election." (Diana Novak/MEDILL)

By Kristen Barbaresi
February 9, 2011

Medill Reports Chicago
[Northwestern University racial socialist J-School propaganda organ]
Angry supporters of an affordable housing ordinance begin shouting after the Chicago City Council votes to table the ordinance [Medill recording without exposed embeds] (Kristen Barbaresi/ MEDILL)

Affordable housing advocates erupted in anger after the Chicago City Council voted Wednesday morning to table an ordinance that would pay for more affordable housing.

“What this means is that there will not be a vote on Sweet Home Chicago until after the election,” said Bruce Beal, a member of the Lakeview Action Coalition, which supports the ordinance. Chicago’s election for mayor and aldermen is scheduled Feb. 22.

The proposal, called the Sweet Home Chicago Ordinance, would set aside 20 percent of tax increment finance money to fund affordable housing.

The council voted 28 to 19 to table both the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance and Ald. Patrick O’Connor’s (40th) version of the ordinance. O’Connor’s proposal does not require that 20 percent of TIF money go toward affordable housing; it just sets that percentage as a goal.

Mayor Daley does not support Sweet Home Chicago but does support O’Connor’s version.

Members of the Sweet Home Chicago Coalition say O’Connor’s version would actually decrease the amount of TIF money available for affordable housing.

“Ald. O’Connor’s ordinance would actually cut spending on affordable housing by 75 percent,” said Mary Tarullo, a supporter of Sweet Home Chicago. “It will decrease because it would allow the city to count forms of subsidy and financing other than TIFs. So, for instance, the city gets money from federal government to spend on affordable housing, and it would be able to count that money toward their ‘goal.’”

Wednesday’s motion tabled both Sweet Home and O’Connor’s version with one round of voting.

“They called the O’Connor version up for a vote,and they called ours up at the same time and they made the motion to table both of them,” Beal said. “We think they picked off some votes. Some of our folks [aldermen who support Sweet Home] would have voted to table the O’Connor thing because they don’t want to vote on it.”

Seconds after the motion to table Sweet Home Chicago passed, supporter in the city council chamber began to chant, “Shame on you, Shame on you!” Some members even planned to remain in the chambers and get arrested.

“We were hoping for a vote today, but we’re not surprised by this,” said Jennifer Ritter of the Lakeview Action Coalition. “That’s why we were prepared for people to do civil disobedience.”

Though coalition members initially refused to leave the city council chambers, police officers at the meeting made no arrests.

The Sweet Home Chicago ordinance would increase the amount of TIF money dedicated to affordable housing from roughly $2 million to about $100 million.

“It will address the huge foreclosure crisis in the city,” said Tarullo. “It will allow for the creation of new affordable housing.”

Each ward would be free to use its TIF money for projects designed for its residents.

“It won’t be able to be spent without the alderman’s consent in each ward,” said Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) who proposed the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance. “With the foreclosure crisis, I can’t see any alderman who wouldn’t want the money spent.”

Wednesday’s vote is not the first obstacle Sweet Home Chicago has faced. Burnett proposed the ordinance in March 2010. It was locked in committee until Nov. 15, when a joint meeting of the Housing and Finance committees supported it by a 13-8 vote.

A vote scheduled for December was delayed until January. Also in December, Ald. O’Connor introduced his modified version of the ordinance.

Because the vote will now come after the election, it may be voted on by some lame-duck alderman under a lame-duck mayor. Mayoral candidates Carol Moseley Braun, Miguel del Valle and Gery Chico support Sweet Home Chicago. Rahm Emanuel has not spoken on the issue.

Members of the Sweet Home Chicago coalition are still optimistic that the measure will pass eventually.

“We know we still have enough votes to pass it,” said Beal. “The real shame of it is a lot of the aldermen who are avoiding voting on it are in tight ward races.”

Jennifer Ritter agrees.

“Nothing gets this far that doesn’t have the mayor’s support,” Ritter said. “This is revolutionary that we’ve gotten this far and we’ll get it passed.”


PDK said...

I believe it is time for the concerned residents to begin shuttling in homeless, penniless people everyday to fill their empty bellies for free.

Time to find out where Mr Beal lives and set up a homeless camp right there. After the homeless eat and fill their bellies, just drop them off in front of his residence.

A lot of homeless people would be happy to drink beer all night or all day if only a couple of cases of beer came their way.

I`m sure for a few bucks a homeless person could be inticed to give Mr. Beal a warm reception on a dark knight.

A private dectective could find some interesting things out about anyone, including Mr. Beal.

For a small investment these white residents could get their neighborhood back. Much cheaper than selling out at a loss of 100s of thousands.

There is always that coward who sells out his own people to save his own hide, trying to appease the crocodile in hopes of being the last eaten, hoping to look couragous and noble in the meantime.

Yes I think shuttling in homeless for their free daily meal will help Mr. Jeff Harmen understand the locals problem a little quicker, and help Panera Cares come to their senses respectfully, don`t you? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that Chicago's gun registration law is not only used to harass gun owners, but is also used against people like hunters just passing through Chicago. Chicago, and indeed, Illinois' resistance to concealed carry is designed to keep non-blacks from shooting Black criminals dead, and thus at least gain a fighting chance in the streets. CPD has consistently supported ALL gun control laws proposed by a long string of anti-gun mayors. Firearms preemption bills at the State level were thwarted by anti-gunner George Ryan. Ryan got his just desserts and is now serving jail time along with anti-gun Gov. Blago.

We badly need a state firearms preemption law to tell the Chicago Democrat pols to go screw themselves. In order to do that, we need a law against Felons voting.

countenance said...

This is probably my fault.

Panera is a St. Louis-based chain, though its locations in St. Louis are called St. Louis Bread Company ("BreadCo"), while outside of St. Louis they're eponymous with the company name.

BreadCo had one of these "pay what you want" restaurants in St. Louis, namely the fairly upscale seat of St. Louis County, Clayton. I don't know how well it worked out.

Anonymous said...

Also I am familiar with Bruce Beal and LAC, also Ezra multi-service center and O.N.E, if you met the kind of people they're advocating for, you'd want them put on the next plane/boat/hovercraft/rocket ship to SOMEWHERE ELSE.
The most horrible, conceited poor people in Chicago, they act as if they're God's gift to Chicago when they are nothing more than professional victims who want to latch even harder onto the government teat than they already are, and it's bleeding profusely.

Anonymous said...

Bruce left several "Yelp" reviews, one which referred to "Yuppies scum".
What a commie.

Anonymous said...

With Wal-Mart finally in the neighborhood, I really hope it ruins those activists day everytime they pass by it.

Organic peregrine terra cotta bricolage cruelty- free locally outsourced maple nut crunch said...

This hellhole closed recently, but not before destroying several restaurants and chasing out businesses all around that corner.
Jamba Juice, Vitamin Shoppe, Pizza Persona, Red Mango, etc.

Anonymous said...

Most locations of this upscale soup kitchen concept are now closed. I wonder what went wrong?
They're down to a few from I think an all time count of seven.