Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cover-Up at CBS News Chicago: Affiliate Pulls Story on Alleged Muslim Family

Cover-Up at <I>CBS News Chicago</I>: Affiliate Pulls News Story on Alleged Muslim Family Killing of Nawal Aysheh, Sending It Down the Memory Hole; Apparently, the Story was Newsworthy!


[Previously, on this crime, at WEJB/NSU:


"The Murder of Nawal Aysheh: Are Chicago Authorities and the MSM Trying to Bury an Honor Killing?"]


By Nicholas Stix


If you hit the hyperlinked phrase "Man Charged With Killing Sister," you will be taken to a CBS News Web page, with the URL:


However, the story has been scrubbed from the page. All that remains at the CBS News Web site is the following teaser (including an unidentified picture of Nawal Aysheh's brother and alleged killer, Ibrahim Aysheh, 22), which links to the scrubbed page.






Nawal Aysheh

Man Charged With Killing Sister

A 22-year-old man has been charged with the Saturday morning shooting death of his sister at their home in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side.



I  realize that multiculturalism requires that I look at every story about an aggrieved, unconstitutionally protected hate minority group with compassion, blind myself to any possible negatives, and condemn anything in said stories that accidentally—in spite of rigorous vetting by pc newsroom enforcers—cast any group members as anything but victim/heroes oppressed by privileged, white, heterosexual males, but I'm not a multiculturalist, I'm a newsman.


But CBS News Chicago is apparently run by multiculturalists who want this story to go away.


When the MSM act so suspiciously, it means that they are convinced that there's a juicy story that could be told, and which they are hell-bent on suppressing.N.S.: Primary picture on Nawal Aysheh's Facebook page





Picture of unidentified newborn overlaid on featured pic, above, on Nawal Aysheh's Facebook page




Murder victim Nawal Aysheh and unidentified newborn (Facebook)




Yet another Facebook picture of murder victim Nawal Aysheh doting on that unidentified newborn

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