Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Authorities’ Attempt to Silence Whites Fails: At Towson (State) University, Jared Taylor Gives Speech to Overflow Audience on Whites’ Rights; Did Taylor and White Student Union President Matt Heimbach Secure a Beachhead?


Jared Taylor, the founder and editor of American Renaissance, and author of numerous landmark books, including most recently, White Identity

Matt Heimbach, the founder and president of Towson State University’s White Student Union

Posted by Nicholas Stix

The Case for White Identity
October 3, 2012
Special to AR News
American Renaissance

Last night, Jared Taylor presented the case for white identity before a packed crowd at Towson University, where the reserved room’s 200-person capacity was reached early, and a long line of hopeful attendees had to be turned away.

Mr. Taylor argued that white students, and whites Americans in general, have legitimate racial interests that are worth defending. Chief among them are ending racial preferences in universities and the workplace and stopping mass immigration.

Mr. Taylor pointed out that when non-whites “celebrate diversity,” they are celebrating their increasing numbers and influence at the expense of whites. It is absurd for whites to celebrate the same. Further, he said diversity is not a strength, but in fact a source of tension and conflict wherever it is found. Mr. Taylor gave prepared remarks for half an hour before fielding an hour’s worth of questions….

[Read the whole thing here.

On Towson State’s history of support for black supremacy, see here, by this author:

“Towson U. ‘Great Debaters’ Mau Mau Liberal Judges”; and

“‘Debate Community’ Organizes to Silence Critic—Me!”]

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