Friday, October 19, 2012

ramzpaul: A New Declaration of Independence


Published on Oct 17, 2012 by ramzpaul

“An American response to the French viral video – ‘A Declaration of War’ - From the Youth of France. Déclaration de guerre - Génération Identitaire.”

“Background music: Music: Virtutes Instrumenti. Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons ‘Attribution 3.0’ (less info)”

We are Americans.

We are the Americans who get attacked by flash mobs, because of our race.

We are the Americans who have experienced the lies of diversity and forced integration.

We are the generation of Americans that faces formal job and educational discrimination. And yet, we are expected to apologize for our supposed privilege.

We are the Americans who have experienced the damning of our history, our culture, of our nation.

We Americans reject the politically correct lies you have placed in our children’s history books.

We have stopped embracing or celebrating your notion of diversity.

We are a people who are no longer ashamed of our ancestry or our past.

Our nation is our people, our identity, our blood.

We are heirs to our own future.

We turn off your Marxist, televised propaganda.

We are no longer silent, no matter how many ways you try to censor us.

We will never back down, and we will never give in.

We are sick of the hypocrites that proclaim their love of diversity, while they hide from it.

We live in a bankrupt country, bankrupt financially and bankrupt spiritually.

We are done having our young men die and bleed for alien powers.

Your smears and slander against us no longer work.

We no longer seek your permission or your agreement.

This is our new Declaration of Independence.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we remain Americans, and we have the right of self-determination.


Anonymous said...

I like this much more than that "mantra" going around

Glaivester said...

Nick, please stop putting this format of video on the front page of your blog. Loading this page just killed a bunch of videos in my browser.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Related question: when did the current war against ordinary Americans begin? 1965 with Hart-Cellar? 1954 with Brown v. Board of Education? 1964 with the Civil Rights Act?

Eastside School

Anonymous said...

View from the Right has a similar "take" on the slide into anonymity from identity; Auster says that the country he knew and supposedly loved in 1960 is not recognizable today, but that he cannot give an exact dated event that demarcates the change. I can, and I feel it occurred on November 22nd, 1963: The day the screwball from Texas stole the Presidency, after having arranged for Kennedy to be killed.
Notice how...and be honest here please...if you are old enough to remember it, the JFK assassination remains more emotionally compelling, and meaningful, than the massive theatre which occurred on September 11. The similarities overwhelm: stark event followed by stark explanation furnished by the government which begins to fall apart under even cursory analysis.The feeling, which cannot be shaken, that the murders of JFK and of the 3000 were means to an end.[ You may fill in your own version of what end that was.] And that utilitarian aspect to those murders points to a sinister demarcation.