Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Romney Betrayal: The Invertebrate Plans on Mass Amnesty of Tens of Millions of Criminal Invaders


Candidate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? (October 2, 2012)

Brazil and her favelas: Romney’s model for America’s future?

Brazil's "favelas" (ghettoes) consist of stacked shanty houses, and are ruled by heavily-armed drug gangs (2012)

In Rio, tour operators offer thrilled SWPLs and American college exchange students (e.g., "international MBA") from places like the University of Denver tours of Favelas, to see heavily armed drug dealers (May, 2012)

In a favela in Rio de Janeiro, policemen attempt to maintain order (January 9, 2012)

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My head is spinning.

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Romney's Surrender on Amnesty—It's Not a DREAM, It's a Nightmare
By Peter Brimelow
October 2, 2012, at 11:46 p.m.

The first thing to grasp about Romney’s surrender to Obama’s Administrative DREAMnesty:

It envisages an upcoming Amnesty.

Romney told The Denver Post

[Read the whole thing, but make sure you have a garbage basket nearby, or that you’re kneeling over the porcelain God, while you do.]

N.S.: For about three years I’ve said that I would hold my nose and vote for whoever the Republican candidate is this time around, since the nation couldn’t tolerate another four years of “Obama.” However, The Invertebrate seems hell-bent on erasing the difference between himself and his alleged opponent.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this something? For two straight elections the opponent for "Obama" has been so bad that you almost don't care.

It should be said that there have been candidates in the GOP presidential primaries with a fairly good position on the National Question. What happens? The Republican primary voters refuse to vote for them. They simply have not and so far, will not vote in the primaries according to the immigration issue. Every four years, the worst possible Republican gets the nomination.

Sheer stupidity has a lot to do with it. In 2008 after the GOP South Carolina primary, won by McCain (who else), voters interviewed were "shocked" to learn McCain wanted to amnesty illegal aliens. They said they voted for McCain becasue he was a "war hero."

On the one hand, the GOP donors with deep pockets favor open borders. On the other, Republican voters are too stupid to study the policy positions of the candidates.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Mitt Romney. Yeah, deep down he is a gun controller and can be totally trusted to screw us on guns, immigration, H-1Bs and so forth. I bet he will follow Isreal's beck and call to involve us in some sort of action against Iran. The US already has committed an act of war (allegedly) with the Stuxnet computer virus. No matter what, the USA under BHO or Mittens is up creek; Obama is simply getting us there extra fast.

Anonymous said...

Well, ROmeny has border states Arizona and Texas and high immirgant Florida trying to push him for legalization. The border states have been terrible from Ronnie Reagan to the present with George W Bush being the chief culprit. Granted,there are some good politcans in California Ed Royce or Texas Lamar Smith or Arizona Jan Brewer there are a lot of them that want to turn the norhwest into the Disneyland area you wrote before. Hire as many guestworkers or illegal immirgants as possible. TExas while good on some business taxes and have a few good people on the issue has been the worst of Republican states see Factory Nation about the bad/Mexican Houston school for this. Rice Unversity states that Texas will look like El Paso in 2050 and liberal California will look like Santa Ana Ca by 2050, maybe there politcs will be similar since white conseravtives will be died and white leftist from the Bay Area or La will be died too.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mike Huckabee wasn't any better than MCCain he gave the Mexican Embassy in Ark cheap rent. He was an evangelical noticing that some of the illegal immirgants were leaving Catholicsm for protestant churches and one of them was Southern Baptists. Richard Land actually signed an agreement to legalized them he once was head of the Southern Baptists- Richard Land.

Anonymous said...

Obama kisses up to Isalm that one reaons why I go with Romeny. Obama would probably like to have several Islamic immirgants in the US similar to western Europe which are worst than the Mexicans. Mexicans cost money but they don't act as bad as Islam.