Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson: Wake the F--k Up, and Vote for Obama! (Obscenity Alert)


Samuel L. Jackson: He voted for Obama in 2008, “because he was black,” but demands that whites vote against their racial interests

“Barack Obama”: Do you think that he votes in a racially blind manner? (October 1,2012)

Posted by Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

Almost everything blacks say is self-serving and is designed to extract something from some other race. The most hilarious thing about blacks is how they proclaim racial solidarity and fly the "African" flag, but are mysteriously absent when it comes to actually putting hands and body to action. Note the amazing whiteness of American aid workers in Africa.

Frankly, when I hear blacks talk about how we should give up our guns, give more money for social programs and give them MORE work positions aka Affirmative Action, I laugh to myself. All non-blacks need to defend themselves and their wallets against the ever increasing demands of blacks.