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Kansas City, MO: Michael Cubie, 18, Confesses, and is Charged in Premeditated, Oct. 1 Racist Sucker Punch Attack on White Bus Driver, 54; Kansas City Star Engaged in Cover-Up, on Cubie’s Behalf; Blogs were No Better

War criminal Michael Cubie (picture no thanks to the Kansas City Star)

[Previously, on this crime, at WEJB/NSU:

“Racist Black Teenager Brutally Sucker Punches Elderly White Bus Driver (Kansas City, MO?)”]

By Nicholas Stix
Updated on Sunday, October 7, 2012, at 5:38 a.m.

First, the good news. Michael Cubie, the suspect in the racist sucker punch attack on a 54-year-old city bus driver in Kansas City, Missouri, has been charged with serious “Assault with Intent to Commit Bus Hijacking and third degree assault,” and he was identified by the fare beaters who had boarded the bus with him. The decency they showed tells me that they are not race warriors.

Cubie confessed to police that he had gone on the bus without paying, and planning to assault the white driver. He reportedly told them he “was having a bad day.” Actually, he was having a great day. Farebeating, sucker punching an older white man? Racist punks like Cubie have no idea what a “bad day” is.

The bad news? Cubie wasn’t charged with a hate crime, and the Kansas City Star protected him, by refusing to name him, or publish his mug shot.

A word to all of the blogs that re-posted the video of the attack: after I had viewed the video, it took me over 30 minutes of additional sleuthing, just to track down the city where the crime had been committed. If you want to be considered a legitimate alternative to the MSM, then act like one. If you’re too lazy or indifferent to be bothered to identify the city, then don’t expect anyone to take you seriously as a news source. It was the MSM’s penchant for withholding essential information that drove news-hungry citizens to the Web, in the first place.

* * *
Police make arrest in bus driver assault caught on video
By Glenn E. Rice
The Kansas City Star
Friday, October 5, 2012, 7:04 p.m.; updated Saturday, October 6, 2012, 1:14:25

Kansas City police on Friday arrested a man suspected of punching a bus driver in the face earlier this week after the driver ordered him and his friends off the bus, Police Chief Darryl Forté said on Twitter.

Details of where or how the arrest occurred were not released. However, Forté wrote, the case file is expected to be presented Saturday to the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, which will determine if criminal charges will be filed.

The assault, which was captured on surveillance video that has been broadcast locally and nationally, occurred as the assailant and his friends were exiting the bus after not paying their fares at 39th Street and Indiana Avenue.

The punch nearly knocked the 54-year-old driver unconscious while he was behind the wheel of the bus, which was carrying other passengers, police said.

The blow left the driver confused. In the video, the driver sits stunned after the punch, then repeatedly touches his face and reaches into the air.

The driver tried to continue on his route after the assault. The bus rolled forward and knocked over some orange cones before riders convinced the driver to stop the bus, police said.

Earlier, the attacker and his friends had boarded the bus, one by one, with each passenger saying the next person would “pick up” the fare. But the final passenger didn’t have enough cash for everyone. That’s when the driver told them to exit the bus, police said earlier this week.

In a statement Friday, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority said it was pleased that an arrest has been made and that the bus operator is doing well and has returned to work.

The statement added: “Thank you to everyone who took the time to send well wishes to the operator; it is heartening to hear support from near and far for the men and women who are on the roads every day.”

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Teen Charged in KCATA Driver Attack
By Andrew Lynch
October 6, 2012, 12:13 p.m.; updated on October 6, 2012, 1:18 p.m.
Fox 4 Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Michael Cubie, an 18-year-old from Kansas City, has been charged with “Assault with Intent to Commit Bus Hijacking” and third degree assault. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on October 1 when Cubie was caught on bus surveillance cameras sucker punching a KCATA bus driver. He told authorities he had committed the assault because he was having a bad day.
According to the probable cause statement, the bus driver told authorities he observed a group of younger males get on the bus that he could tell were not going to pay. Subsequently he asked them to get off the bus, he remembered two males exiting and the next he remembered was passengers telling him he had been assaulted.
Among a group of five witnesses that made up the group asked to leave, two of them stated that Cubie told the group he intended to assault the driver by punching him in the face. All five said that they had not paid for their bus fare and all of them identified Cubie from a photo line-up as the person who assaulted the driver.

* * *
Kansas City man, 18, charged in KCATA bus driver assault
Suspect told police he was “having a bad day”

By 41 Action News Staff October 6, 2012 Last updated: 8 hours and 31 minutes ago [N.S.: Accessed Sunday, October 7, 2012, at circa 4:30 a.m.] KSHB News [NBC affiliate] KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Mo., man has been charged with assaulting a Metro bus driver. Michael Cubie, 18, faces a felony charge of assault with intent to commit bus hijacking and a misdemeanor charge of assault in the third degree, according to a statement released by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. According to law enforcement officials, the driver was punched in the face around 9 p.m. on Monday at 39th and Indiana in Kansas City, Mo. He sustained serious injuries from the blow and was knocked unconscious. Surveillance video from different cameras caught the assault in detail. RELATED | Video shows assault of KC bus driver Mark Huffer, KCATA general manager, first saw the video on Tuesday. "Our understanding is the youth that were in that video did not pay their fare," he said. Several witnesses who were with Cubie told police they did not pay and were asked [told] by the driver to exit the bus. Cubie was heard saying, “On my dead homies. I’m going to hit the bus driver in his face.” Cubie then assaulted the driver on his way off the bus, according to police. Authorities said Cubie admitted to not paying bus fare and punching the driver. Cubie said the reason he punched the victim was because he was having a bad day, according to police. READ | Probable Cause Statement: Cubie is being held on a $10,000 bond. The bus driver went back to work on Thursday, but Huffer said the driver even wanted to continue his route right after the assault. Ninety percent of the buses have at least eight cameras inside and out. The newer units can hold up to three weeks' worth of video, and some even record audio. "I'm assuming that youth that assaulted our operator Monday never gave thought to cameras being on the bus," Huffer said. This is the first time Police are using the KCATA video records to investigate an assault of a metro member. [How many times were whites attacked on KCATA buses without the cops using the videos? From WEJB/NSU’s Kansas City, Missouri files: “In Kansas City, MO, Racist Black Rioters Meet with Resistance: Three ‘Victims’ Shot; Mayor Sly James Gets Curfew to Protect Rioters, Not Their Victims”; “White Kansas City, MO Cop Sues Black Counter-Police for Racial Discrimination”; “Now, They’re Burning Our Children Alive: In Kansas City, Two Black 16-Year-Olds Douse 12-Year-Old White Boy with Gasoline, and Set Him on Fire”; “More on the Kansas City, M.O., Hate Crime: Black 16/17-Year-Olds Set White 13-Year-Old on Fire in Front of His Own House; Fox Censors Race, but Permits Victim’s Mother to Quote Police as Saying It was a ‘Hate Crime’”; “Yet Another Racist Hate Crime in Kansas City, Missouri!”; “Kansas City, MO: One of Obama’s Imaginary Sons, Trevor Garms, is Shot to Death During a Home Invasion, but There Won’t be Any Demonstrations, or Calls for Justice, in This Case”; “In Kansas City, MO, School Lets Trayvons Out Early, So Naturally, They Go on Racist Rampage; White Vet Roger MacBride Teaches Them Otherwise”; “John Derbyshire Vindicated Yet Again, in Raytown, MO: Yet Another Racial Attack on a White WWII Vet; Black Attackers Asked for Help”; “Harry Stone, RIP: Racist Blacks in Raytown, MO Step Up Race War from Beating Old White Men to Shooting Them to Death; KCTV5 Engages in Counter-Reporting, Suppressing Race of Shooter, and Asserting Murder was ‘Random’”; “Kansas City, 1957: Back Before the So-Called Civil Rights Movement Established the Rule of Crime in Black Neighborhoods, and Racist Black Enforcers in Newsrooms, Negro Leaders Pleaded for White Police Crackdowns, and MSM Journalists Wrote Much More Honestly about Race and Crime”; “The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department: Why are White Uniformed Services Personnel Not Permitted to Criticize Black Pathologies and Evil, but Their Black Counterparts Can Make Off-the-Wall, Black Supremacist Statements?”; “Black Supremacist Kansas City, MO: Black ‘Teen’ is Proud of Raping Raceless, 84-Year Old Woman”; and “Racist Black Teenager Brutally Sucker Punches Elderly White Bus Driver (Kansas City, MO?)”]


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