Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nawal Aysheh: Cover-Up at CBS News Chicago: Affiliate Pulls Story on Alleged

Cover-Up at <I>CBS News Chicago</I>: Affiliate Pulls News Story on Alleged Muslim Family Killing of Nawal Aysheh, Sending It Down the Memory Hole; Apparently, the Story was Newsworthy!


[Previously, on this crime, at WEJB/NSU:


"The Murder of Nawal Aysheh: Are Chicago Authorities and the MSM Trying to Bury an Honor Killing?"]


By Nicholas Stix


If you hit the hyperlinked phrase "Man Charged With Killing Sister," you will be taken to a CBS News Web page, with the URL:


However, the story has been scrubbed form the page. All that remains at the CBS News Web site is the following teaser (including an unidentified picture of Nawal Aysheh's brother and alleged killer, Ibrahim Aysheh, 22), which links to the scrubbed page.




Nawal Aysheh

Man Charged With Killing Sister

A 22-year-old man has been charged with the Saturday morning shooting death of his sister at their home in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side.



I realize that multiculturalism requires that I look at every story about an aggrieved, unconstitutionally protected hate minority group with compassion, blind myself to any possible negatives, and condemn anything in said stories that accidentally—in spite of rigorous vetting by pc newsroom enforcers—cast any group members as anything but victim/heroes oppressed by privileged, white, heterosexual males, but I'm not a multiculturalist, I'm a newsman.


But CBS News Chicago is apparently run by multiculturalists who want this story to go away.


When the MSM act so suspiciously, it means that they are convinced that there's a juicy story that could be told, and which they are hell-bent on suppressing.



N.S.: Primary picture on Nawal Aysheh's Facebook page (reduced for posting; the original is huge)




Seconf picture of unidentified newborn overlaid on featured pic, above, on Nawal Aysheh's Facebook page




Murder victim Nawal Aysheh and unidentified newborn (Facebook)




Yet another Facebook picture of murder victim Nawal Aysheh doting on that unidentified newborn


Anonymous said...

Why are you taking pictures from her facebook. Also what are you trying to sell with this article? Are you really that stupid in thinking there is some conspracy to this accidental event? These pictures of the baby are pictures of her sister's child. If you are trying to sell something about this baby in thinking the baby was Nawal's, I think you should either leave this case alone or do more research about it.

Alright, the only thing the police are doing are being fair in hearing out what actually happened. They don't sit there and assume the worst like the media and public do. He tried to cover up at first because he was thinking about himself rather then hsi sister, but he admitted later on that he killed her by accident. what more would you and the rest of the media want? You can't conjure up something just because you want the whole thing to be more dramatic then what it actually is.

He didn't kill her because she was gay (because she wasn't anyway), he didn't kill her because of the assumption she was showing to much skin, it wasn't an honor killing. It was simply an accident. Accidents happen. How quickly do the death of American's who are shot accidently get forgotten about, but when these types of accidents happens to otehr minorites the media and journlists don't let up and keep diggging and diggging until you have created your own scenrio about what you think happend.

give it up

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you are IMPLYING certain things just because of what their religion happens to be. Everyday I hear stories of stupid kids in America playing with guns and injuring or killing a sibling or friend, and it never gets twisted as something it isn't. Not every death that happens involving a muslim female is an 'honor killing'. Give me a break. She posted those pictures publicly on her facebook page, of her SISTER'S CHILD, how awful of you to re-post them here with an obvious implication of something else.

Anonymous said...

This isn't even about the death of Nawal Aysheh anymore. This has went from losing a beautiful soul, to bashing Islam and it's followers. It absolutely disgusts me how the media and the public is putting out this situation as an "honor killing." As you all have heard and read, this had nothing to do with religious reasoning. As it says on the news, in which he confessed to, it was an accidental shot. The public and the media has absolutely no right to make assumptions and lies saying that her brother killed her for religious reasoning. She was not a lesbian and the newborn baby up there is her niece, her sisters daughter. May I also say that, you have no right to take her pictures from her personal Facebook page and put them down here and bash her reputation and her families reputation. This situation went from an innocent death to how "Islam kills." The media was so excited that they finally had a story like this about a Muslim, so of course they'll do anything to make it huge and viral and try to send a bad message about Muslims. I will tell you one thing. As Muslims we do not cause harm on anyone and anything. We do not kill. Islam is peace. It always has been and it always will. Where is the respect? Where is the humanity? Where is the equality? It disgusts me how fast this subject changed in less than a week. It went from an accidental shooting to a made up story about her family killing her. She's passed away and you're bashing her reputation and her families reputation. As Muslims we do not disrespect other religions. We do not wish or cause harm on anything or anyone. You have your opinions, I understand. But you have no right to assume things and say that there is something "juicy" about this situation. Seriously, give the family a break, give her a break. Let her rest in peace. It breaks my heart into pieces knowing that there are some close minded people in this world who think that Islam is a violent religion. People like this, should go read and study about Islam before you make such judgments like this. As Muslims we do not judge others. We do not disrespect others. It is not allowed. It was an accident, just like every other accident. What makes you think you have a right to assume such things and add more to the story. I would also like to say that Nawal Aysheh and her brother, Ibrahim Aysheh had a very close relationship. They were best friends. Before you assume things like this and put blame on innocent people, you should think really hard. Islam is a religion just like every other religion out there. What makes you think that Islam allows us to kill our daughters. What makes you think that Islam is about violence. You should find something that is productive to do with your life instead of re-posting this story with lies and assumptions of a whole other topic. Give her family a break, let them breathe. Stop trying to bring Islam down and stop bringing the families reputation down. Have some respect and think about what they're going through right now. If there is something that you do not know, then do not share it. Don't sit there and turn your opinion into a story about what happened. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Actually Nawal aka Noelle, was LGBTQ identified. This is not a bashing of anything, this is not Islamophobia. But I know how she identified, and that's a truth no one can hide. "It dont matter wat type of gender u love. U should not have to hide or be scared bout da feeling u have for your gender" & "I Wont Fake Who I Really Am... Love Me For Me And Not Wat You Want Me To Be"... Bahebek Nawal! Habibti. Mua! <3 RIP.