Sunday, October 07, 2012

Racist Black Teenager Brutally Sucker Punches Elderly White Bus Driver (Kansas City, MO?)



By Nicholas Stix

I just spent 20 minutes trying to determine the location where this hate crime was committed. None of the many sites running this video provide this information.

A reader at The Daily Sheeple, “Karl Ferm,” maintains that the crime was committed in Kansas City, Missouri. While KCMO has certainly degenerated into a black supremacist hellhole, I have not been able to get independent confirmation of Ferm’s claim.

Thanks to Jeanine Klug and Sure News.

From WEJB/NSU’s Kansas City, Missouri files:

“In Kansas City, MO, Racist Black Rioters Meet with Resistance: Three ‘Victims’ Shot; Mayor Sly James Gets Curfew to Protect Rioters, Not Their Victims”;

“White Kansas City, MO Cop Sues Black Counter-Police for Racial Discrimination”;

“Now, They’re Burning Our Children Alive: In Kansas City, Two Black 16-Year-Olds Douse 12-Year-Old White Boy with Gasoline, and Set Him on Fire”;

“More on the Kansas City, M.O., Hate Crime: Black 16/17-Year-Olds Set White 13-Year-Old on Fire in Front of His Own House; Fox Censors Race, but Permits Victim’s Mother to Quote Police as Saying It was a ‘Hate Crime’”;

“Yet Another Racist Hate Crime in Kansas City, Missouri!”;

“Kansas City, MO: One of Obama’s Imaginary Sons, Trevor Garms, is Shot to Death During a Home Invasion, but There Won’t be Any Demonstrations, or Calls for Justice, in This Case”;

“In Kansas City, MO, School Lets Trayvons Out Early, So Naturally, They Go on Racist Rampage; White Vet Roger MacBride Teaches Them Otherwise”;

“John Derbyshire Vindicated Yet Again, in Raytown, MO: Yet Another Racial Attack on a White WWII Vet; Black Attackers Asked for Help”;

“Harry Stone, RIP: Racist Blacks in Raytown, MO Step Up Race War from Beating Old White Men to Shooting Them to Death; KCTV5 Engages in Counter-Reporting, Suppressing Race of Shooter, and Asserting Murder was ‘Random’”;

“Kansas City, 1957: Back Before the So-Called Civil Rights Movement Established the Rule of Crime in Black Neighborhoods, and Racist Black Enforcers in Newsrooms, Negro Leaders Pleaded for White Police Crackdowns, and MSM Journalists Wrote Much More Honestly about Race and Crime”;

“The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department: Why are White Uniformed Services Personnel Not Permitted to Criticize Black Pathologies and Evil, but Their Black Counterparts Can Make Off-the-Wall, Black Supremacist Statements?”; and

“Black Supremacist Kansas City, MO: Black ‘Teen’ is Proud of Raping Raceless, 84-Year Old Woman.”

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Black racism is the Good Kind of Hate said...

Eric Holder is the US Attorney General and he is too cowardly to address black racism (or he is just a supporter of black racism).
what was that kid's name, Trayvon?