Saturday, October 13, 2012

“You White People!”: Living Among the Brown Supremacists

Posted by Nicholas Stix

A longtime, and I mean longtime reader writes, in response to tonight’s VDARE essay-length letter from a reader, “A White Minority Reader in New Mexico Has No Privileged Delusions.”

"You white people!"

So said Pam Salazar.

You know her.

Her father Jaime Salazar is first cousin to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar.

I met Pam years ago when we worked together as contractors to the Resolution Trust (RTC). She was able to get employment later as a direct hire with the RTC thanks to the fact that she was a female Latina. Which is odd as I have a Master's in finance and accounting, used to be a stockbroker, and was never more than a contractor to Uncle Sam. Pam only had a few years of university in New Mexico. She is a very light complected mestiza. Her father is descended from Spanish immigrants to the Americas. Her late mother was part Pueblo Indian from Santa Fe. Pam is even whiter than I am! Her only "indigenous" features are her aquiline nose.

Oh yeah, "You white people" was said to me one night at a British pub here in Dallas. Pam had moved to Denver to find employment after working in Dallas for a few years. She had called me and wanted to meet one night in Dallas over drinks. She was coming to town for the wedding of a friend's daughter, and wanted to meet to catch up on old gossip. So, we met at The Londoner in suburban Addison.

I cannot remember what precipitated her comment. We had only been at the pub for a short period, and I had had only two or three beers up till that point. So, the truth serum of alcohol had not yet worked its magic on our wagging tongues.

Regardless, once she spoke those words, I responded in kind with a few expletives. I was so loud, and so peeved, that I shocked the patrons at neighboring tables into stunned silence.

I learned long ago after working with too many parasite NAMs: Don't take shit from them in silence.

It only goads them on for the next encounter.

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